p: goober

it’s funny…anti-sjw/alt-right goobers say that they’re “anti-censorship” and compare “the ess jay dubayoos” to jack thompson and the ptc, but they’re the ones demanding that “cultural marxist propaganda” should be banned. they’re the ones who got offended at the “down with cis” meme. they’re the ones who demanded to ban a shakespeare play and the ones who boycotted star wars and wolfenstein.

they don’t realize that they’re not rebels, they’re not critical thinkers, they’re not a hip youth counter-cultural movement. they are the mainstream, just with a nastier tone of voice.

Paul Ryan is...

… that guy that says over and over again that he can totally crush it singing karaoke of “Dream On” by Aerosmith but he never comes out to the bar on karaoke night. Then after 7 years of bragging he accidentally shows up on karaoke night and everybody keeps telling him he has to go up and sing so he does and he is awful, doesn’t know the words, off-key and he quits halfway through the song and leaves. Then he shows up at work the next day like nothing happened and says that he can totally crush it on “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen.


Put the toy in his cage? Ignores it for months. Put the toy on his playstand? New favorite toy.
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