p: goddess

granddaughter of the sun and moon, daughter of the stars and earth, sees all yet knows nothing, lost everything but she made it that way, lost her path to godhood and so called redemption but oh, the earth is so much kinder than the skies ever where 

playlist I made for my oc aster- u can listen here

Cabin 10 Playlist

A playlist to satisfy your inner Aphrodite

  1. Cake- Melanie Martinez
  2. New Romantics- Taylor Swift
  3. Die Young- Ke$ha
  4. Be My Escape- Relient K
  5. Fucking Perfect- P!nk
  6. Bittersweet- Panic! At the Disco
  7. Love Club- Lorde
  8. Rolling in the Deep- Adele
  9. Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Rey
  10. Lonely Hearts Club- Marina and the Diamonds