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“I’ve made it my personal mission that Britta is trying to do the Troy and Abed handshake because I sit next to Danny at the table, but Britta is messing it up. That’s not scripted, and Dan may have cut every single instance of it, but that is my attempt because I have decided personally that Britta is trying to replace Troy in some ways, emotionally, for Abed. I don’t know if it will be perceptible to the human eye, but that was my secret actor intention.”
-Gillian Jacobs [x]

Lena Dunham on “Close Up”

We were actually talking about how to clearly establish the difference between who Mimi-Rose is and who Hannah is, and the ways that’s great for Adam and the ways that’s hard for Adam. I was like, Mimi-Rose is so independent. She’s a person who doesn’t need validation or support from anyone in order to make decisions—creatively, emotionally, romantically.

I also liked the idea of showing someone who was getting an abortion and wasn’t tortured by it. I feel like so often when we see a situation of a woman choosing to terminate a pregnancy on television, it comes with so much pain and angst, and I liked the idea of a character who goes so far in the other direction that it’s almost confusing for the audience, because we’ve been taught to react one way to this, which is, you know, with tears and regret.

As someone who’s really passionate about reproductive justice, for me it’s not just about making sure abortion is legal.  It’s about making sure abortion is without stigma and is not something that women feel like they have to apologize for.    

When I was younger, I was very vocal to the point of being strident in my views. When you’re a kid in elementary school, you can often feel like you’re the only woman who cares about maternity and paternity leave, so you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall…In sixth grade, we all had to write this opinion paper. Most wrote about things like why we should be able to chew gum in class—I wrote about why women should receive equal pay. So I understand Britta.