p: gil mckinney

VanCon pt 1

The road so far…

Richard and Rob are massive effing dorks, they made a song about the rules of the con and everything

Porncouver became a thing again for about 10 minutes

Gil sang most of his panel and my heart melted into a puddle

His favourite Disney princess are Ariel and Jasmine

Tyler Jonhston tells a lot of stories about dicks, normally not his own

Osric Chou is addicted to phone games about cats with X’s for buttholes

He also named one of the cats Napkin

Erica Carroll keeps greeting everyone with Russian accents and it’s adorable

Ruth Connell crashed the panel and had eaten half of the prize for Erica’s competition winner

She then said she wanted to go to have whiskey, she is my personal hero rn

Karaoke tonight, and there are secret plans and cosplays being rumoured, I’m excited for this shit