p: geoff gustafson


I watched Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris with Love today and it was really great!

I really loved, the story was one of the best of the series.

I’m glad that couple didn’t break up because of the lost divorce papers, funny she was trying to learn comedy to cheer him up because she couldn’t get pregnant. I’ve seen Brooke Nevin in stuff before.

Oliver’s wife Holly came back after Norman accidentally posted his bank vault letter which ended up in the dead letters also and Shane read it.

But in the end Oliver and Holly decided to move on from each other.

I take it Poppy Montgomery was pregnant during film as they kept hiding her stomach and she wore baggy clothes, plus when they first showed her and her boobs they looked way bigger than normal I think lol. 

It was cute seeing Norman on stage trying to impress Rita since that other guy was all over her. I liked when Oliver said it was the first time he’d confessed his feelings for her.

Then Rita said she loved Norman after he confronted her about the other guy and they finally kissed! It was so sweet! they are too cute <3 :3 Norman is cute, bless.

Her dancing was disastrous, at first the other guy didn’t know what to do, he was like “wtf is this” lol. I was too.

Plus Oliver went and put up a porch swing for Shane which was really cute and I thought they would kiss but they didn’t but I think he realises they both have feelings for each other/they both do. I hope they get properly together soon!

I can’t wait to see the next one which I already have recorded. Not sure if they are showing the last one today or not, it says the information for the one that was on last week again but I put it on record just in case.

I really do adore this, it’s definitely the sweetest and probably one of the most well written shows/movie series on air at the moment. The characters and their relationships are so wonderful and so are all the stories!

Eric Mabius and Geoff Gustafson <3