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McGregor children don’t watch his films, but Clara found [Moulin Rouge!] while channel hopping and was in floods of tears. “Shall I turn it off then?” he teased her. “Nooooo,” she replied.
—  Aww that’s adorable!


indie pop teens sundara karma swept onto our screens just over a year ago with their feel good release ‘cold heaven’. since then they’ve released one single and news of a debut ep which is out late on in february named 'EPI’. as well as this the band shared with us a new track called 'loveblood’ which will be the leading single for their forthcoming ep. it almost feels like the band have approached this song with more driving lyrics and guitar, its definitely the rockiest we’ve heard them and worth a listen.

'EPI’ is released on february the 23rd via 203 recordings. listen to 'loveblood’ below or hear it live at one of their upcoming dates…

So I know the underlining and red marks on this letter were supposed to make it look like Ewan was looking into things too much. 

But, I wonder if, in the places he underlines things that say “you felt you had let us down” and “I want people to like me” and squares in the word “dork”, he got side tracked, and found himself relating to those words. 

It says in the end that Ewan was someone who felt small and Revenant made him feel like he was able to do something important. 

So my headcanon is that Ewan grew up feeling, or was told, that he was a dissapointment to his parents. He was impeccably smart, but not enough for his parents who held standards he could never quite reach. His intelligence was also what many kids would tease him for as a child, calling him not just a ‘dork’, but worse. He didn’t have any friends growing up.

Thus, when he got older, he joined Cathedral, but his job there was behind  the scenes, and he never really got much credit for what he did, or had the chance to show his true potential. (Maybe he was even jealous of Kate, who was hailed as one of the best spies in Cathedral). So, when he was asked to join Revenant, a group who seemed much stronger than Cathedral, he agreed. 

Maybe then he would finally earn the respect he felt he deserved, and maybe he wouldn’t feel like such a dissapointment.