p: eve myles


Made a million times better when you find out that John, Eve, Naoko, Burn and Gareth got absolutely shit faced a night before filming…

-Scared the heck out of each other with ghost stories

-Thought Gareth had died due to whacking his head on a bell

-Burn was accused of moving a massive heavy-as-hell bathtub

-John slept in Eve’s bed with her in a thong and bra + him in Thomas the Tank Engine pj’s

-Also, that they had to cover up the massive bruise and bump on Gareth’s head the next day.

Trying to search for clues of hangovers in the episode right now.

Fucking love the old cast.


She’s got a six-month old. You find her living in the most remote part of the world, this tiny little cottage on the edge of a cliff, no roads in to or out of it. What we find out is that this idyllic chocolate box is completely kicked up to the hilt, armed with every weapon known to man including a rocket launcher, every kind of missile, knife, gun, anything. She’s prepared for war. She’s hysterical.  What runs through her veins is Torchwood. It’s her drug, her adrenaline.– Eve Myles