p: energizer bunny

We’re like the Energizer Bunny… The mightiest nation in the world tried to exterminate us, Anglicize us, Christianize us, Americanize us, but we just keep going and going. I think the Energizer Bunny must be Indian because he has that little water drum he plays. I always say the next time you have a Pow Wow, let the Energizer Bunny lead the Grand Entry and after a few rounds, then we can get together and eat him because we never waste anything; we share everything.
—  Charlie Hill, Reel Injun
Doki Doki

Summary: Velvet Scarlatina struggles to focus on her work as feelings she’s never experienced before run rampant in her mind. As she stops to ponder what these feelings are and what they may mean, a knock comes at the door.


Velvet Scarlatina turned to the next page of her textbook with a quiet sigh. It was a bright sunny Saturday morning at Beacon Academy, which meant that it was the day her teammates left their dorm to have fun while she studied and did homework.

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