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dollwithagun: Miss these babies. Good, bad, ugly - these people were my family at an insane time in my life, and though it’s been far too long since we’ve been together, we fall back into laughter and care immediately. 💖


I taught Megan Batoon to dance, naturally. She taught me to dance naturally.

One of my favorite @sourcefed memories was when we coined The SourceFederation. Phil had The Nation, but our fandom hadn’t been properly named yet. It felt amazing when the hosts actually said it in videos because we did that together.

SourceFed launched following my last hospitalization and gave me my college essay. SourceFed basically got me into college.

Ewok & Dino hugs all around, SourceFederation!

~ @mingrose

This Sourcefed this fucking sucks.

That channel helped me in a lot of ways, from actually meeting a few members to actually befriending Trisha to Table Talks that helped me realize things about myself to help me become less of a neurotic mess to Elliott Morgan giving me the advice to move to LA and go for it:

“Hi Pat!

Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. You need to be here or NY. These places will surround you with other dream-chasers, for better or worse but necessary all the same. Best part? I’m surrounded by the industry. Worst part? The traffic. It’s a cliche but it really is the worst ever. Safest place to not break your wallet? Safer parts of the valley.

Good luck to you, man! And hey, when you get out here, don’t hesitate to play on the side of the street or go to every audition. I got SourceFed because I painstakingly went through every open casting call online.

Have a good one, and save money!

I then followed it up with very embarrassing messages about trying to break into the industry but, what can I say? I was young and stupid.

These guys are fuuuuuuucking talented.

All in all, thanks Sourcefed,

as a fan and a friend,


Dear the people who changed my life,

Dear @sourcefed

I’m 16 years old and I have been watching sourcefed since 2013 when I was 12 years old. At the time as you can imagine, I was really immature, I also did not have any stable role models in my life. I had no friends and I wanted to I find things that made me happy. These things were comic books, dungeons and dragons, metal music, and sourcefed. Throughout the years I’ve even taken comedy classes because I felt like I should at least try to do some of the things that a few of the amazing hosts there at sourcefed have. You guys are such a huge part of my life, and it is truly heartbreaking to see such an amazing channel die. I mean that. It’s like seeing a group of friends I’ve been with for years just …leave. I love you all at sourcefed and I hope that throughout the next few years we will still get to see all of you guys working together, and still creating content to entertain.

the person who looks up to you guys.

4 years ago

I stumbled upon SourceFed on this day four years ago (this TimeHop is from last year fyi). If I can remember the date of discovering such a thing as a show, a channel, a band, etc. - then it must be pretty special. I talk a bit about how/why this day and channel is so important to me in this post but I’m grateful. I got to visit the studio for their little “moving out” sale (or whatever idk). It felt weird considering the circumstances but now I have a lot of memorabilia to keep with me (including a couple panels from the Table Talk set). Here’s to you.