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Omfg. She did it too. Like Demi, you of all people should know not to do that. Once again, I am sick of your false-recovery advertizing. You may not be super thin and engaging in certain more life threatening behaviors, but your constant gym posts and body shot posts and then this really lead me to believe your mind is not all the way healed.

“In case.” (angst)

Anonymous: Can I request two scenarios? The first is a JinJin scenario based on the song ‘In Case’ by Demi, and the second is a Joshua scenario based on the song 'Nightingale’ by Demi. Could you make them really angsty please? You don’t have to do it, so please don’t feel pressured or something! Have a great day, darling!❤😊💞

Title: In Case (JinJin/Jinwoo)
Genre: Comfort
Words: 828
A/N: This was also based on the book Why We Broke Up (not the Jaebum scenario lol). Yay! My first Astro scenario! Enjoy!

p.s. In Case - Demi Lovato

p.p.s. Who’s excited about Astro’s comeback?! Have you seen the teaser pictures?!!!!! Asafhs!!

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The washing machine whirs as you walk towards it, a mountain of clothes in your arms. You place clothes inside the machine, little by little, taking your time. You hear a scrunch and drop everything on the cool hard floor, ignoring the looks from the other customers.

You find a smooth parchment from one of your jeans’ pockets. It was a picture. A picture of you and Jinwoo. Jinwoo had an arm around your waist and both of you were caught in the mid-laugh. Happiness, that’s what the picture depicted. But it radiated so much heavy sadness in you. You let out a gasp, unable to hold the hurt that still remained in your heart.

Click. “Hi, Y/N! It’s me…JinJin. So um, I just wanted you to know that…” As soon as you heard Jinwoo’s voice, you knew something was wrong. First off, his voice sounded shaky. Second, JinJin never sent you voicemails. Never.

…I wanted you to know that I, uh, want us to break up.” You stop what you were doing and sat up straight on the couch, now facing the mobile phone that lay on your tabletop. What was he saying?

You know, Y/N. I think we’re not good together. Recently, I’ve been getting busy with the comeback and you’ve been…well, you know, busy with school. We should break off this relationship, I don’t think it’s even working.” Your eyebrows scrunch together, your palms clammy. What is JinJin playing?

And, I don’t like you anymore, Y/N. I don’t think I even liked you in the first place. Goodbye, Y/N.” He said, his voice echoing through your now hollow heart. The phone beeps. You let his words sink into you, on repeat like a broken record. I don’t think I even liked you in the first place. The words hit you hard in the center of your heart.

You let the tears slowly fall. You knew something was wrong. You wanted to believe that he was only lying. But why? Why would JinJin lie?

Sighing, you try to brush off the tears. He broke up with you on the phone. Through voice mail. Surely, he isn’t worth it if he thinks a relationship can be broken just like that, right? But no, the pain and confusion still clung to you. You open the fridge. There it was. The anniversary cake JinJin had prepared for tonight.

With that, you collapsed on the floor, the refrigerator’s light illuminating you. And just like that, you sob. Bawling out. You didn’t care if it was cold or that there would be a long electric bill to pay. All you wanted was to feel numb.

“Oi, Jinwoo-hyung, you ordered something?” Moonbin popped his head from the door frame, making the leader turn around to face the boy.

“Huh?” confusion spread through his face. Jinwoo clearly didn’t order anything.

“There’s a box here, the delivery man said it was for you,” Moonbin said and walked closer to JinJin, holding out a box. JinJin muttered thanks as he took it from Moonbin who was eager to resume to his video game. What’s this?

Alone, JinJin carefully placed the box on his desk and opened it, curiosity getting the best of him. He opened the cover, revealing…

…trinkets. Sticky notes with writings scribbled on it, a paper clip, a band-aid, an origami paper crane, a napkin, a chocolate wrapper. The box was filled with various things.

To anyone, it would have been considered trash. But this wasn’t anyone. This was JinJin. He knew what those were memories. Memories of you and him. Your two years together.

Agony coursed through JinJin’s blood, making his hands tremble as he picked up the little things slowly and carefully. He missed you. JinJin missed you so much. He missed your soft hair touching his chin. He missed your smile. He missed your soft lips against his. He missed your chatters. He missed the way you tousled his hair. He missed baking cakes with you. He missed those dates with you. He missed your arms wrapping themselves around his waist when he was busy working in the studio. He missed you he missed you he missed you.

Jinwoo badly wanted to run to the comfort of your apartment, your arms. He wanted to see you. He wanted to you to open the door to him, spilling out all his fears and regrets. Saying that his biggest regret was letting you go.

But he can’t.

He shouldn’t.

Fantagio had told him not to, or else…

JinJin wanted to punch himself for not being able to stand up for himself. He wanted to disregard the company’s warnings. Love was above all, right? He should fight for his love, right?

But he can’t.

He wouldn’t.

His hands reach something smooth and flat. It was a picture. That same picture he used to always keep in his wallet. That picture that held happiness. Hot tears slowly trickle down JinJin’s pale skin as his eyes read the small note,

“In case.”