p: dean x seth


This was so cute!

Our styles jut meshed well. […] Te first time we ever wrestled It just clicked immediately. I felt that stuff that he did was complementing the stuff that I did. The stretching and the physical stuff, the holds, it was such a physical style I was doing at the time and just kind of meshed with his and it was like peanut butter and jelly, like mixed perfectly together the stuff that we were doing. He is such a smart guy and visualizes and comes up with cool things, and then you have just the way that I would like go off-the-cuff a lot of times. We could go out and wrestle thirty minutes and literally not talk at all before hand. It just meshes well and then, you know, WWE styles still mesh and it’s hard to explain. There’s just that certain chemistry with people. He’s so good, it’s like anyone can have a good match with Seth Rollins and we kind of bring out the best in each other from a healthy competitive standpoint.
—  Dean on  why does he work so well with Seth Rollins [x]

The fucking chain fence and the leather jacket and the dark lighting. I love everything Dean Ambrose chooses to be. He’s so fucking great on the mic and when it’s directed at Seth, who he knows so well, like just wwooooowowowowooowhjghfsui

That promo was so fucking homoerotic I am dying. Dean is still in love with Seth and he’s so heartbroken and hurt so he’s going to kill Seth. I’m so into it negl. I want them to fuck in the ring rn. Cancel the rest of the show, just show Dean and Seth having aggressive sex with occasional shots of Roman backstage, watching them on a TV from a strange angle, shaking his head at Dean’s continued poor judgement but also hoping this gets all his angst over Seth out of his system.

……okay this got away from me idk idk.