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[NEW COLOURS] Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner Review No. 16, 17 & 18

My beloved Clio Gelpresso eyeliners came out with new additional colours to their permanent collection. In addition to the original 15 shades, 3 black based colours are now included:
-No. 16 Black Brick
-No. 17 Black Plum
-No. 18 Black Cherry

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It is filled with sliding gel texture in the retractable auto pencil. It glides on smoothly and gives high-defined eyeliner. Creamy and melting formula stays put all day long without smudging.  

The eyeliners are in retractable auto pencil form. To twist the eyeliner up you just need to hold onto the coloured panel at the end and turn. There is a hidden sharpener for you to sharpen the tip. These eyeliners are slightly longer than the others, but other than this small detail, the packaging remains the same. I’m not sure if they have changed the rest of the eyeliners to match the length of these new ones.

I absolutely love these new colours. It appears that Clio has improved the formula of these eyeliners. I find that these new eyeliners are smoother in texture and glide on easier. This also allows you to create smokier looks as they are easily blended out. When they do set, they are completely water and smudge proof. The eyeliners are very long lasting and I find that there isn’t as much as a smear at the end of a long day. I still love that that they include a built in sharpener and find it incredibly convenient to have as an inclusion. In my original Gelpresso eyeliner review, I mentioned that I would like if they included matte shades. Black Brick is a matte shade, while the other Black Cherry and Black Plum have slight shimmers. These colours are much more wearable and suitable for everyday use. Absolutely no complaints with these eyeliners, love them to bits!

-great new additions to the existing collection
-smoother in texture
-completely water and smudge proof
-long lasting
-convenient auto pencil form with built in sharpener
-less shimmery and glittery

Cons: None!

Overall Rating: 5/5


Clio, Muse of History (1800). Charles Meynier (French, 1768-1832). Oil on canvas. The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Clio was typically shown with an open scroll or, in this case, by a tablet, on which she is recording information for a succeeding generation. She usually wears a laurel wreath and may be carrying a trumpet. Here, there are sculptural and architectural historical references.


“All these incredible actresses are being written as complicated and interesting characters, and you just don’t see any of the characters we play on TV, in films. If you do it’s very few and far between. So I feel like this is the golden age of television, but it’s also the time for women in television.”