p: christian borle

Legally Blonde the Musical
  • Omigod You Guys: sisters before misters
  • Serious: probably the douchiest breakup ever
  • Daughter of Delta Nu: sisters before misters reprise
  • What You Want: with a bit of hard work and peer pressure you can get whatever you want
  • The Harvard Variations: emmett is the only person here who isn't privileged
  • Blood in the Water: let the 75th annual hunger games begin
  • Positive: win back your man with the power of a greek chorus and a hot bod
  • Ireland: i listen to foreign music to drown out my troubles
  • Ireland (Reprise): it's not a... perfect metaphor
  • Serious (Reprise): warner is a real douche
  • Chip On My Shoulder: let's get down to business to defeat the huns
  • So Much Better: the empowering "i can do anything" act one finale
  • Whipped Into Shape: holy crap how is she singing with that choreo
  • Delta Nu Nu Nu: sisters before misters reprise reprise
  • Take It Like A Man: legally blonde + ratty corduroy 5ever
  • Bend and Snap: if you did this in real life it wouldn't work at all but this is a musical so let's run with it and try not to break any noses in the process
  • There! Right! There!: gay or european (i bet you thought that was already the title)
  • Legally Blonde: legally blonde + ratty corduroy reprise feat intense empathetic crying
  • Legally Blonde Remix: warner may be a douche but his (ex)girlfriend sure isn't
  • Scene Of The Crime: something to do with showers and perms i think at this point we all kinda stopped paying attention
  • Find My Way/Finale: forgiveness also sisters before misters reprise reprise reprise and legally blonde + ratty corduroy reprise reprise

Reasons why you should see Something Rotten! on Broadway:

  • Christian Borle’s bare chest and arms
  • Brian D’Arcy James having a tap battle with Christian Borle (that is not a typo, btdubs – they legitimately have a a TAP battle)
  • Heidi Blickenstaff as the world’s first feminist
  • John Cariani and Kate Reinders being too damn adorable for words
  • Christian Borle’s bare chest and arms
  • the lyric “don’t be a penis, the man is a genius”
  • Brad Oscar and the ensemble performing a giant meta-as-fuck musical number about the concept of musical theatre (complete with references to Les Mis and Avenue Q and literally every popular musical ever) that lasts ten minutes and prompts an extended standing ovation in the middle of the first act
  • “Omelette: The Musical” – the best musical-within-a-musical since “Springtime for Hitler” and “Joseph Smith American Moses”
  • a genuinely funny and clever script and lyrics
  • catchy-as-the-plague songs
  • Casey Nicholaw’s direction and choreography on point as usual
  • Christian Borle’s bare chest and arms
  • Christian Borle in general

I watched this for the first time ever today and I cried I was laughing so much. Look at how far he’s come.