p: chris martin

This really happened to me today
  • Mom: *comes to my room, looks at me*
  • Me: *takes headphones off* What now?
  • Mom: Maybe you should do something today.
  • Me: Like what?
  • Mom: Go to city with your friends?
  • Me: I don't have any friends.
  • Mom: Well how about Chrissy, Jonnyboy, Sexyberry and Willybear? You always talk about them.
  • Me: Excuse me?
  • Mom: Maybe they would like to go to city with you.
  • Me: Mom, I'm listening them at the moment.
  • Mom: What...?
  • Me: Coldplay, you know. Chrissy, Johnnyboy, Sexyberry and Willybear are nicknames for those guys from Coldplay.
  • Mom: *looks at me, goes outside of my room and closes the door*
  • Gosh, I laughed!! XD My mom knows so much about my interests.
Hurts Like Heaven

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I leave my camera sitting out on my desk every once in a while. Gives me an excuse to actually pull the trigger every once in a while.

The top photo of Michael is a prime example of the many times during the week where Michael comes upstairs to give me a summary of the hard work that went on down in the AH office that day. Either that or a good example of a moment where Michael regrets befriending the Risemonger because he keeps taking pictures of him.

The bottom photo is part of my dissertation on the existential implications caused by a paradigm shift in the philosophical and sociological infrastructure of a community founded on a primeval dissonance between capitalistic gain and artistic integrity. Or its just The Martinizer reading an email.


Still talking about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

AND I will never forget this scene. When Coldplay sang Fix You in their concert in Miami. Chris ran towards the crowd, for Gwyneth and kissed her. To know that song is for her. Duh~~ That was SO good.

p.s : Still, can I hope that this is for an April fool? Can I wish them to trying ti fix all of these?