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Find a Valentine This Year

Buzzfeed’s Supergirl Character Quiz is like a mini-supergay speed dating site:

  • Kara’s meet Lena’s or Cat’s
  • Alex’s meet Maggie’s
  • Lucy’s meet Alex’s or Kara’s 
  • M’gann’s meet everyone

100 characters - 014/100: stocking anarchy (panty and stocking with garterbelt)
‘you wouldn’t even be able to comprehend my refined tastes.’


this is what we call getting carried away

(things are heating up in future miyagi)

Being an aromantic-asexual on Valentine’s Day:


Do you have any idea how many attempts it took me to get kageyama just so i could draw this stupid comic¿¿¿

Here’s the test in case you want it :-)


            ↳ Rafe Adler + Character Selection Quotes

[Special thanks to @rafe-adlers​ for providing me w/ the Biker Rafe footage!♡]

honestly though, please stop crediting me for “”””hamilton designs””” (unless it’s theo jr) i’m just drawing the actors. the designs aren’t mine