p: camila cabello

Bands, but every time a member leaves, Ryan Ross joins
  • Zayn: *leaves One Direction*
  • Person: *writes that Ryan Ross is going to join 1D on Wikipedia*
  • People: *flip their shit* "who the fuck is Ryan Ross?"
  • Camila Cabello: *leaves Fifth Harmony*
  • Another person: *writes that Ryan Ross is going to join 5H on Wikipedia*
  • People: "who the hell is Ryan Ross??" *still trying to figure out who he is*
  • Me: *laughing* "this is practically a meme at this point. Why do people keep putting Ryan Ross into bands when a member leaves?? If that's how it works, then don't we put him back in Panic!? A lot of people have left that band"
  • Also, me: *sobbing*