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Can you please show some of the hints Camila has dropped about her being gay/bi this year? I'm new in the fandom.

There has been infinite moments this year.

1) In almost every interview she dodged the question about having a boyfriend & she always uses neutral pronouns instead of saying ‘He/him’. For eg. In this interview she uses “Somebody”

2) I think she is trying to drop hints and at this point she is not even subtle For eg: She uses ‘She’ instead of ‘He’ in this havana perforamce.

3) Yup. This is how they have explained the meaning of her song OMG.:P
 Also her song “I’ll never be the same” is definitely not about a boy. The lyrics are ‘ It’s you babe i’m sucker for the way you move babe’. Who tf writes that about a guy ? 


4) The glass closet thing in CITC & ‘the closet’ joke in Havana.

(5) In this interview camila was asked about a girl advice and she said ‘From what i have learned’ Lmao  :P

(6) And sometimes her gay heart just can’t keep calm LOL :P 

Also i found this video where she is dropping major hints :P 

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Bands, but every time a member leaves, Ryan Ross joins
  • Zayn: *leaves One Direction*
  • Person: *writes that Ryan Ross is going to join 1D on Wikipedia*
  • People: *flip their shit* "who the fuck is Ryan Ross?"
  • Camila Cabello: *leaves Fifth Harmony*
  • Another person: *writes that Ryan Ross is going to join 5H on Wikipedia*
  • People: "who the hell is Ryan Ross??" *still trying to figure out who he is*
  • Me: *laughing* "this is practically a meme at this point. Why do people keep putting Ryan Ross into bands when a member leaves?? If that's how it works, then don't we put him back in Panic!? A lot of people have left that band"
  • Also, me: *sobbing*