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I also got to see my Broadway Babe, Jeremy Jordan. He was so chill, unsurprisingly. I got to tell him I flew to see him with my mom in 2012 and that we loved Newsies, and that I cast him in L5Y before he was actually cast. He was like, “Well you should just take credit for that” and I was like, “DUDE I DO.” 😊  I asked him if he’d be back on Broadway soon and he said he wasn’t sure when but I told him whenever he’s back I’m flying back out. What a good day!


Darren Criss- Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)

Just in case you needed to smile today. Here’s Darren Criss, singing his rendition of Part of Your World from Disney’s the Little Mermaid.

Your Majesty (Derek Klena Imagine)

The wind chill and icy rain were out of season for May in New York. As I stepped outside from the Broadhurst Theatre, the blustery weather took my breath away. The chill had me rubbing my hands over the thin cardigan which covered my arms. Despite the cold, a small crowd had begun to form at the stage door. Each and every night the sidewalk outside the theatre was overtaken by fans of the Company, and rightfully so. The new hit musical Anastasia had won over the hearts of America’s youth as they fondly remembered a favorite childhood movie.

Tonight’s performance was spectacular. Though some bits of the musical were different from the last performance I had seen on opening night, I still found myself slipping away from New York and its crowded streets to 1920s St. Petersburg, Russia. The last struggling patrons emerged from inside and several young teenage girls squeezed as close to the stage door barrier as they could. I knew just how blown away and thankful the Company was to have such incredible support and feedback, especially for a brand-new musical. Shivering, I moved past the excited patrons to the stage door manager.

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Aaron Tveit Goodbye on SiriusXM Live on Broadway (by Movidude74)


Jonathan Groff’s Sutton Quiz courtesy of Seth Rudetsky