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Darren Criss- Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid)

Just in case you needed to smile today. Here’s Darren Criss, singing his rendition of Part of Your World from Disney’s the Little Mermaid.

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SO! I'm going to accept your kind offer and ask you to tell me about Jeremy Jordan! I enjoyed Supergirl so much tonight and I'm really excited because it's the first show I've started to watch from its airing date and Kara was adorable and Winn was such a cutie! Also, do you know if I need to be watching the rest of the DC tv shows/movies to understand the events of Supergirl?

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH. Well sit back and relax while I over-share WAY TOO MUCH information about who Jeremy Jordan is and what he’s been up to in his career up till now!

Firstly, I’ll say, no you don’t have to watch the other DC shows to know what’s going on with Supergirl. Superman isn’t a part of any of the other DCU TV shows right now. In fact, I don’t think DC has nailed down if Kara’s cousin is the Superman of the movies currently running or the Superman Returns Supes or… if he’s no one connected to anything at all, or if they’ll ever connect her with a running Superman series. Haha. So don’t worry (though I HIGHLY recommend The Flash because the tone is similar and it stars another of my darling Glee kids). 



Jeremy Jordan is a Tony nominated Broadway actor who has also worked on TV and been in movies! (That’s my blog tag for him. If you scroll through you’ll see he’s a big, dumb dummy. <— covering Celine Dion)

OH YEAH. AND HE’S FROM TEXAS. We really do grow’em okay here, haha. 

I’m pretty sure he started as part of the cast of Rock of Ages where he met and fell in love with his wife, Ashley, who is also a Broadway babe! He got a starring role in Bonnie and Clyde opposite Laura Osnes (who went on to star as Cinderella in the awesome revival!) in 2011, and now they’re best friends. It’s REALLY cute (he was her guest star at 54 Below and I want to say vice versa for when he played there). It ran for only 36 shows in December of that year which is SO upsetting because it’s SO GOOD, but alas. Sometimes that happens.

Luckily, he went on to star in Newsies on Broadway the very next year (WHICH I GOT TO SEE HIM IN !!!) and was nominated for a Tony. He was also cast in Smash s2 that same year and starred in that, too. The show itself wasn’t great and was cancelled, but the music on it was good and his songs were always my favorites! (At some point this same year he was in Joyful Noise starring Keke Palmer, Dolly Parton, and Queen Latifah… and it’s… not awesome, hahaha. But it’s a movie he did and if you’re starving for some Jeremy, you can check it out. It’s worth it if you are up for a cheesy musical with gospel style songs! It’s actually really sweet.)

After that, my dream came true when I fan-casted him accurately as Jamie Willerstein in The Last Five Years movie that was being made with Anna Kendrick and he was ACTUALLY cast in that role not long after, hahaha. (L5Y is my favorite musical ever and he was the only person I was okay with taking that role and THANK GOD he was given it.) Anyways, he was great in the movie, though I didn’t like the direction the film took in a few ways, and it’s absolutely worth a watch! He’s so talented and charming

He also did Finding Neverland during previews (I believe) before it came to Broadway. Also at some points he was in Elementary and a few other dramas, haha. I forgot about that.

Now he’s on Supergirl where he gets to show off how funny, charming, and cute he is for a larger audience, and I couldn’t be more excited! For so long he’s kind of seemed like my little secret and I just want him to be so successful! 

In between all of this, Jeremy has done many concert series and other collaborations. One of my favorites was his “6 by Sondheim” song with Darren Criss, Laura Osnes, and America Ferrara! (If you don’t know Darren Criss is my fAVORITE EVER so them working together blew my mind.) You can probably find tons of his music in some form or fashion in my Jeremy tag, but I’d suggest for sure checking out the following to get the highlights!


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