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Hi‼️ I just found your blog and loved everything i've read (which is all of it 😛) you have a wonderful talent and tysm for sharing it with us 😬 If you don't mind, can I ask for a scenario or hc (whichever you prefer) of quiet cuddles between Aizawa and his s/o after they (s/o) had a long day. Like they just went through a whole day of tedious tasks and is mentally exhausted by the time they get back? Whether Aizawa is tired too or not is up to you (but he's always tired so..) thankss 😘

I live for these comments because they’re one of the few things that can put a genuine smile on my face :D I can’t thank you enough for that! I’m so glad you enjoy my writings!!

 I’ll do some headcanons because I’m about to go to sleep (even tho it’s 10am..oops.. but I wanted to write this first!

  • Will always have time for you when you’ve had a bad day, he knows what they’re like and you seem to take time for him when this happens so he thinks it’s only fair to reciprocate.
  • Depending on how tired he is, he’ll listen to how your day went and let you talk about it, but if both of you had an exhausting day, he’ll just want to lay with you in the quiet.
  • Makes room for you in his sleeping bag. (It’s bigger than it looks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • Rubs your back really soothingly, sometimes he scratches it lightly and that pretty much puts you to sleep, of course he follows.
  • He’ll let you play with his hair if it relaxes you.
  • He’ll rub your arm with his thumb if his arms are wrapped around you.

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I've been thinking about this ever since the IKEA piece but I'm a lazy crap to write it. Maybe you'll have more fun with this? How would things play out if Sousuke's s/o surprised him with "if lost return to ..." And "I am ..." Shirts as a light joke? Also, great job on the blog! You're the best 😘

no but wait i found this post and does anyone know what MBTI type Sousuke is because reasons

Sousuke’s little habit had become an inconvenient daily occurrence. If you could even call it a habit… Did getting lost constantly, without fail, count as a habit? At this point, it didn’t really matter. Ok, so maybe bringing Sousuke to IKEA, of all places, was a mistake, but you’d taken literally every single precaution to ensure he’d just stay in one damn spot. It wasn’t your fault he completely ignored you, and, ultimately, ended up getting dragged back to reception with his tail between his legs.

It was only after that incident that you had an idea. You needed some way to keep a track of Sousuke, and supposed that fitting him with a tracking device might be a little too problematic. He refused to speak to you for the evening when you jokingly suggested getting him a collar with a name tag and address on, and the suggestion of a tattoo didn’t go down all that well either. Everything you suggested was in good humour, of course, but the only half-decent idea you managed to come up with was purchasing a portable phone charger - and for that matter, how on earth did his phone always run out of battery when he was lost?

A few nights after the episode at IKEA, snuggled under the warm quilts and blankets of your bed, waiting for Sousuke to finish showering, you waded through the dregs of the internet, mindlessly flicking through numerous products marketed to the masses. It was something that occupied the time, at least, and, occasionally, you’d find something vaguely amusing. Last time, it had been a giant hamster ball, crafted with the intention of being able to “walk on water”… Sousuke hadn’t exactly approved of the idea. Chuckling at the memory, you briefly wondered if, in your own way, you’d be lost without Sousuke by your side.

Stretching out on the bed and yawning, you couldn’t help but be thankful when the noise of the shower quietened - it had been quite a long day, after all, and cuddling up with Sousuke was the best way to wind down. Just as you were about to put your phone aside for the evening, a pair of t-shirts caught your eye. The subsection of ‘Couple’s T-shirts’ was always something you pointedly avoided, but these… It was all you could do to not burst into laughter upon seeing them - they were perfect!

The adjoining door to the bathroom creaking open, you hastily made the purchase before Sousuke could see what you were doing. This would be a rather amusing surprise.

“Hey, ____. There’s a package for you.” Sousuke didn’t give you much warning before he chucked the object towards you on the sofa, and, unable to react in time, it hit you square in the chest.

“Y'know, if this was priceless china, or, I don’t know, the crown jewels, you would be entirely responsible for it getting all smashed up.”

“Yeah, but it’s not.” Huffing at his reply, you stashed the package besides you, waiting for the opportune moment to reveal your surprise. “What is it, anyway?”

“Nothing.” Probably not the best reply, really, but you figured he was going to find out sooner or later.

“Oh?” His head perked up, gaze lingering on you for a while from where he sat in the kitchen. “Now I’m curious, ____…”

The grin on his face told you that there’d likely be no escape from this now; when Sousuke wanted to find out what you were doing, he could be incredibly persuasive. Even now, the mischievous glint in his eyes told you that he wasn’t going to be patient with you. Feeling your eyebrow twitch, you sighed, gesturing for him to join you on the sofa.

“Fine, fine. C'mere, I’ll show you.“ 

Pushing himself off the kitchen counter, Sousuke swiftly made his way over to where you were lounging on the sofa, pushing your legs out of the way so that he could make room next to you. Tearing into the wrapping, you made a point of hiding moving it about so that the excess material blocked Sousuke’s view, allowing you to get the first look at your new t-shirts. Upon glimpsing the material, you realised that you may have made a rather hilarious mistake - after all, you had been in a rush to buy them… 

“Don’t ask, just put this on.” You thrust the appropriate shirt in Sousuke’s face, and when he realised what it read, he raised an eyebrow. 


“Just do it!“ 

Shedding your own top, you shimmied into the new one, surprised to find that it fit perfectly. Looking over at your boyfriend, however, you realised that this wasn’t quite the case. Looks like you had made a mistake. 

“It’s a little small…” He grumbled, and, sure enough, as if the text on the shirt wasn’t comical enough on its own, the fabric was stretched tight across his muscular chest. You were shaking with the effort to hold in your laughter, by this point, the disgruntled look on his face only contributing to the hilarity of the situation - he was outright glaring at you, and honestly, if you didn’t know him better, it might have scared you a little. 

“I am not wearing this.” You could tell that behind the thunderous glare and harsh words, Sousuke was making an attempt to stifle his own laughter, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly as he glanced down at your matching t-shirt. “You’re the worst, ____…" 

You really couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore, doubled over in hysterics as Sousuke chuckled at you. Honestly, he couldn’t bring himself to be angry when you were getting such a kick out of it, and, looking down at himself, he really did look priceless. The shirts themselves weren’t awful, he guessed - not that he’d be telling you that any time soon. He definitely wouldn’t wear this one out in public, but… Maybe if you got a larger size… He might just consider it.