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Content Creators who aren’t Jerks

Separating an artist from their work is something many of us try to do for one reason or another, but we all have dealbreakers. I gave up on Jontron/Jon Jafari a while ago, but I see many have reached their “fuck this” point with him now with this debate thing. I will add more, and feel free to reblog with your own additions, but I thought I’d start with three that spring to mind.

@allisonpregler https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiR_TugQyPc7cerQgiYCjtw/featured
Allison has been at this for years now, first as Obscurus Lupa Presents, and now with Movie Nights. Loves silly movies, Quantum Leap, and her Baywatching series is awesome. Plus, that theme song, guys and gals, that’s some awesome sax

@phelous https://www.youtube.com/user/pherlous/featured
Phelous has one of the most varied outputs of any channel I’ve watched where it’s primarily one guy doing it all. Cartoons, films, bootleg toys, weird toys, some video game stuff, even urban exploration, from time to time. A lot of passion for TMNT, Real Ghostbusters, and more. Plus, the Sungold, Good Times Entertainment, and Dingo content, is just great.

@reallybradjones https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIO689mgXeuzH4M5NS7wZwg/featured
Brad Jones, Cinema Snob, has recently celebrated 10 years with the character, and in addition, puts out Brad Tries, with various foods, out of character reviews and the Midnight Screenings series with recent films, and has made a few films and other original projects. Plus, I’ve gotta plug a fellow Brad.

There are more, of course, and feel free to reblog with your own suggestions, but I wanted to spotlight these three because I feel they all deserve a bigger audience than they currently have. Enjoy!

Cinema Snob/Brad Jones fans and nostalgia Critic/Doug walker fans.

NC fans,what do you think about the Cinema Snob/Brad Jones?

Nostalgia Critic/Doug Walker fans :”Oh, I like him a lot. I think hes very funny, but I do prefer the Nostalgia Critic/Doug walker just a bit.”

CS fans, what do you think the Nostalgia Critic/Doug Walker?

Cinema Snob/Brad Jones fans :”OMG I Fucking Hate His Fucking Stupid FACE!!! He Is Such A Fucking CUNT And Hes Not Funny And He Steals Each Of The Views That Brad Rightfully EARNED!!! I H8 IM n Hhe Watches Steaven Universe Like a CUNTctniwanthimtodieinpaincausethatswhatanyonedeserves4nothaventhedecencytobentertainingtomennkljfyujhfyuyhjgdtuyhjcfgy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!