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LOTR Reunion: “Second breakfast?”

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Orlando Bloom's reunion with his 'Lord of the Rings' co-stars is 'precious'
Giving us peak #squadgoals

If you’ve ever wondered, this is what the 15-year Lord of the Rings class reunion looks like.

Dominic Monaghan shared a few magic moments on his Instagram Monday night that would cause any Ringer’s heart to flutter. Monaghan and his co-stars from the trilogy, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, and Billy Boyd, bravely prepared for a cave troll, giving us peak #squadgoals.

I saw Billy Boyd’s band Beecake play at Wizard World today. I never thought I would get to be in the same room as a hobbit! It was wonderful.

He talked about how he went on vacation with Dom about two weeks ago and said “it was weird, we smoked pipes and ate mushrooms the whole time”.

I love Billy.


alexandriabasso: Because Aragorn wanted a pic where the musket was featured. @theoneringnet #lordoftherings #aragornstryder