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Consider: Tales of zestiria AU where all the seraphim are dragons but in a Cool way not an angsty way because dragons are fucking rad

They’d probably have normal human forms too, that couldn’t be seen by normal people, so to everyone w/o resonance they’re just big scaly beasts that keep stealing everyone’s prickleboars and gald.

so instead of talking to nothing, sorey scares the hell out of everyone by having casual weird grunt noise convos with giant lizards

Little do you know I know you’re hurtin’ when I’m sound asleep
Little do you know I all my mistakes are slowly drowning me
Little do you know I’m tryin’ to make it better piece by piece
Little do you know I…
I’ll love you til the sun dies…
So lay your head on me…

Keith’s nightmares in S2 got me thinking…

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When you talk about reposting, does this include using credits? (Just curious about your post, underlining that you don't want your art reposted). I always thought "repost" referred to art theft lol...

it’s just don’t repost, period.

yesterday i spent 3+ hours reporting reposted art. and a big chunk of the stuff i found was stuff taken from a youtube channel that i HAD given permission to, long ago. this person did everything right. they credited me, linked me, etc. but the ppl who reposted from this person did not do any of that, so neither of us got credit for it.

the more ppl repost my work, the more it spreads. and then it gets posted on youtube with monetization. money i never see a cent of.

so yea, i just don’t allow reposting at all anymore.

sorry to those just wanting to share something they liked with their followers/watchers ._. it sucks that you are being punished for other ppls actions, but it’s the only way to keep this shit to a minimum. :T

I don’t know quite how to show how dark it is in the capital, but the Dolen still like to add lots of colors and they have long curtains hanging from above I think. I am still debating that however. 

Common themes in their buildings include diamonds, waves, triangles, flowers, stars, and trapezoids. 

Statues of slaves kneeling under the strain of supporting the growth and power of the Dolen had been designed by Arradir’s first son, Aduial.

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