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RULES: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

I was tagged by @sherclod sO here goes

1. Lowlife - That Poppy
2. Satellite - All Time Low
3. Warriors - Imagine Dragons
4. Cornerstone - Arctic Monkeys
5. Pink Life - Pink Guy
6. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time - P!ATD
7. The Judge - Twenty One Pilots
8. Silhouette - Owl City
9. RIP 2 My Youth - The Neighbourhood
10. Candy Store - Heathers Soundtrack 

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I like this song

*downloads song*

*downloads entire album*

*downloads entire discography*

*worships the band*

*sells my soul*



Think for yourself, be yourself, do you

Like literally this is the best advice I can give a person

There’s always some fker trying to bring you down, I’ll give you the smallest example

If someone comments on a youtube video “Who’s watching this in 2017″ the immediate response to that is an absolute shitfest, people shit on it instantly like “NO ONE CARES WHAT YEAR LOL”

The reason they’re doing that is cause they wanna feel like the smarter guy in the situation, feel like they’re doing the right thing

That’s a small scale version of what happens every day, happens to me when I do my music

People tell me I can’t sing, or I’m a flat singer, others tell me I have an amazing voice and they’re in love with it

I don’t listen to any of it

I appreciate the compliments etc. But the reason we at One Year Stand do what we do, is because we love it, we enjoy it, and we love what we create, we love the way our songs sound, and that’s what matters, the people telling us do stuff a different way or we’re not doing it right or we’re crap, are just people who aren’t out there doing it for themselves so they wanna act like they’re smart, it makes them feel powerful to tell you you’re doing it wrong, then they can feel better than you like they’re doing it right

Seriously, think for yourself, if you like something do it, if you want to post “Who’s watching this in 2017″ in a youtube comment, do it, if you want to make a five hour video of you playing air guitar, do it, do any weird crazy shit you wanna do (obviously don’t harm anyone) and if anyone hates on it, tell them to do what they’re doing “I don’t like your singing voice” “Well I do like my singing voice” that’s the convo ended