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2017 ATP Tour Winners: Majors, Masters 1000, 500 | Part 1
» Australian Open: Roger Federer
» ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
» Rio Open: Dominic Thiem
» Abierto Mexicano Telcel: Sam Querrey
» Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships: Andy Murray
» BNP Paribas Open: Roger Federer
» Miami Open: Roger Federer
» Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters: Rafael Nadal
» Barcelona Open: Rafael Nadal
» Mutua Madrid Open: Rafael Nadal

If God descends and decides to mete out justice to the tennis world, Delpo will defeat Murray today in a glorious five set epic. He will then, against all odds and to the shock of fans and players alike, claw his way to the Roland Garros final to face none other than Nadal, who has been reborn as the re-anointed clay god on the red earth of Phillipe Chatrier court.

Nadal will bagel him twice to go 2 sets up. Everyone thinks Delpo is finished. Delpo himself is half dead. His face is bruised, knees weak, arms are heavy. His wrist just doesn’t exist anymore. His backhand is a love tap compared to Nadal’s punishing forehand.

As Delpo takes the court at the start of the 3rd set, he suddenly feels it. A surge of pure energy flows through him, strengthening his tired and broken body. Is it the grace of God, a gift rewarding the sportsmanship and class of Delpo? Or simply the indomitable spirit of man? It doesn’t matter. He feels as fearless and strong as the young man who conquered the GOAT at the US Open eight years ago.

On the other side of the court, Nadal is getting ready to serve. As he looks up to stare down his opponent, he swears he sees a flash of red in the Gentle Giant’s eyes. For the first time in a French Open final, fear strikes the heart of the Spanish bull.

Delpo is one with his racquet. The sun breaks through the clouds for the first time that day and shines its holy light on Paris.

50 years from now, the spectators will tell their grandchildren in hushed, reverent tones about the miracle they witnessed that Sunday on Phillipe Chatrier.

Argentinian Juan Martin Del Potro triumphs over Spaniard Rafael Nadal 0-6, 0-6, 6-0, 6-0, 100-98. Isner-Mahut is a distant dream now. Both men fall to their knees after the 50 shot point at *99-98 Ad-40, which ended with a 110mph fearhand winner from Delpo. One man falls in defeat, while the other falls in victory. The crowd riots. The umpire has forgotten how to stand up. The ballgirls and boys are carted off in stretchers. All the linesmen are treated for back injuries. Rod Laver is there. Delpo gives Nadal a bear hug, while they both cramp in solidarity. All is right in the world, for that one, shining moment.


Happy 30th Birthday Andy Murray! - messages from Rafa, Domi, Grigor, Bryan Bros and Nole

attention all active tennis blogs! we decided that it would be a good idea to have a current network posted somewhere that anyone could access at any time. i know a few of the tennis networks that are posted are old and don’t have current blogs, and erin (@rafaelnadalsource) went through the other day and made a current list, so this is an expanded list. we are trying to include any players whether its atp, wta, next gen, etc. 

the network link will be posted on my main (rogersnadal), erin’s (rafaelnadalsource) and anna’s (rogerandrafa) blogs. if you’re on the network, you’re more than welcome to link it on your blog as well, but it’s not a requirement.

below are the names/blogs that i have in the tennis fam (network) right now just based off active reblogging/editing (people that regularly edit are at the top with “editor” under their name and are in alphabetical order; people that are active rebloggers are listed after the editors in alphabetical order with “active” under their name). if you aren’t listed and would like to be, please follow this link and submit your blog!!

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we’re really trying to get everyone that are active tennis blogs posted on the network….that way you can find people that like the same players as you, etc. if you know anyone that should be listed on here, you’re also more than welcome to pass this info along to them!!

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