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Hello, Londoner here! I've been lurking in the TJLC community for about 2 years now and this is my first time making contact. :) Your blog is great! I come here every time I feel down about the 'fucky business,' which is quite a lot. Just wondered if you'd seen the clip of Andy Murray meeting Benedict at Wimbledon last summer. Andy asks Ben how many episodes there are in the series and he seems to have a hard time remembering. It struck me as odd at the time. Now I think (hope) I know why!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, that’s so lovely!! <3 <3 I’m happy that I am a place you come to when you are down; it is my happy place as well, and I am so happy that it is yours as well.

I actually HADN’T seen it until you told me about it, and now that I have, it’s really really interesting that Ben had to think about it… It’s really hard to hear and there’s a REALLY ANNOYING high pitched intermittent buzz, but around the 10 second mark, you can here Andy ask Ben “How many you gettin’?” and Ben then fumbles, shakes his head and closes his eyes and replies with “Er, Uhm, three”. Now, I CAN’T CONFIRM that they’re talking about Sherlock, because I can’t hear what Ben and Andy are talking about before the 10 seconds. If it is indeed about Sherlock, that is a rather curious response to a show that ALWAYS has three episodes…

Or, I mean, to be fair to Ben, he is also a little scatterbrained sometimes, especially when he’s meeting people he admires; I mean… I get really REALLY dumb around celebs and people I admire all the time, so it could also just be a “Ben Thing” because he’s precious that way.

Here, all, have a listen for yourself and tell me what y’all think. Again, there IS a REALLY high pitched intermittent buzzing that grated on me and I don’t have sound sensitivity, so just an heads up:

Look how precious these two men are. They’re so in awe of each other and admire each other and I legit cried happy tears watching this, though :D They’re so adorable.