p: andrew lincoln

“You know, I campaigned two seasons ago when the Governor was around… I was saying, ‘You've gotta do the hand guys!’ and Victor [Scalise], who was in charge of special effects, just said, 'No, no no no. Anybody else but not you. It’ll cost a fortune with green screen and blue screen. But you know, I’m of the opinion that certainly with where the story seems to be going this season, no one is safe of any long term damage. They’ll never let me! I think that, the moment I start getting a little bit of a heat stroke and I start going mad and then start talking about, 'It’s time. You’re gonna take my hand off!'  Then, you know, the special effects department start to loathe it and just start nodding and just go, 'No, no, no, no, no. You have no idea how expensive that would be.’ And, then also, I remember there’s - with Michael Rooker and all of that rubber and how sweaty and stinky his arm became. It depends. It depends. When it gets to fall, I like the sound of it. But mid-summer, not so much.” - Andrew Lincoln on Rick losing his hand