p: anders

Playing the "standard character" is okay

So you’ve played a female Cousland who became Alistair’s queen?
That’s fine! Just because you chose the “default” doesn’t mean your character is less valid than my Zevran romancing dwarf.

So you were a mage Hawke who romanced Anders?
That’s a okay! Just because you played the popular Hawke doesn’t mean your Hawke is a cliché.

So you played a female Lavellan who romanced Solas or Cullen?
That is absolutely okay and doesn’t turn your character into a Mary Sue.

Don’t let the fandom dictate which romance is “better”!

Don’t feel bad or apologetic because you chose the popular choice.

It’s okay to be “mainstream”.

These games are made for your own gaming pleasure and you don’t have to feel bad about the way you chose to play!