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wiltbygirl  asked:

Alex, how did you and Nicky meet? Also, how do you guys know the various uncles? Are they your brothers or are they really good friends?

Nicky and I met on college hockey team. I fell in love with him at first sight. He so beautiful. Sasha is our best friend from college! He used to flirt with Nicky a lot, haha. But I marry him. Braden is our other best friend. He live with us through college. He only moved out a couple years ago, but he basically still lives here. Jojo is Nicky’s best friend. He also really good at pranks, so I like him. 

Love, Alex

Chameleon Circuit Songs That Don't Include Alex or Ed

A little late, but I’ve made a list of CC songs that don’t feature Alex Day or Eddplant as prominent vocalists, for anyone who wants to know which songs to keep in their iTunes and such.

Chameleon Circuit

  • Gallifreyan History 101
  • Count the Shadows
  • Blink
  • K9’s Lament
  • Friends of the Ood

Still Got Legs

  • The Subwave Signal
  • Nightmares
  • Travelling Man
  • Mr Pond
  • Big Bang Two
  • Eleven


Also check out my newest playlist? It’s songs by YouTube scumbags, covered by ladies.

Alex Day still thinks he’s a victim even though his ex (whom he cheated on by way of victimizing other girls) came forward about how she still struggles with the fallout on a daily basis three goddamn years after the fact

I’m going to vomit, honestly

Fuck off Jason (veeoneeye)
Fuck off Sam Pepper.
Fuck off Alex Day.
Fuck off Karim Abridged.
Fuck off Tom Milsom.
Fuck off Edd Plant.

Literally will everyone who’s a c*nt on the Internet just fuck off. You don’t deserve an audience, an audience is a luxury, something you earn. And you’ve all lost the right to it by abusing girls and the power you hold.

Stop making videos and trying to brush your crimes under the damn carpet.

The Internet is starting to feel like a chore to me right now.

JUST NOW finding out about all the sexual abuse allegations accusing some of my favorite youtubers. I am so confused and feel kind of betrayed and sad but also have massive amounts of respect for the people who came forward. I really just can’t believe anything like this would happen, especially from people that to me always seemed incredibly friendly and just really nice guys

(Here is an excellent masterpost that I’ve been clicking through for hours now:http://unpleasantmyles.tumblr.com/post/79455706244/tom-milsom-hexachordal-heres-the-post-olga )