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To that anon who doesn't know about actors being over 30 & pretty much being done with their career because they're considered old. When Anne Hathaway was 32 (she's 34 now) she was getting offers for over 40 characters/older woman character. And characters stated as being in their 30's were going to 20 year olds. There were numerous roles that were like that but directors didn't want to meet with her because she was considered too old. Jessica Chastain is 39, she was 33 when she got her 1st 1/2

Major role at 33 only because she lied about her age. When she hit 30 & she hadn’t made a name for herself, casting directors didn’t even bother with her. They saw her age & had no idea who she was & didn’t bother giving her a shot. Luckily she’s made quite the name for herself. Amy Adams is another, just like Jessica. There are so many actors who either rise or fall at that age of 30 & over. Men have the same problem but ego prevents them from admitting it. Ageism is bad in Hollywood. 

Sarah Paulson too! I just saw the Colbert thing you reblogged. She’s spoken about how hard it’s been for her. She’s 42 now & has been acting in bit parts since the 90s but she said Ryan Murphy gave her a platform & opportunity that no other producer in Hollywood would at her age. And she’s amazing!!! She’s phenomenal. But Hollywood thinks young & well known is the way to go. Its really not.

One last thing about ageism in HWood. Margot Robbie who is 26 just got married & barely a week later she started filming in a Tonya Harding biopic as Tonya then jumping back into her Harley Quinn role for a standalone as well as producing & doing 2 different animated voice roles. An interviewer asked her about her packed schedule & she said there’s a certain age an actor hits where nothing will come there way or are able to audition for certain roles. “I’m doing all I can before that happens.”

Presented without additional commentary because this is all on point.