p: [5x05]


the whole 1x10 scene in one video :)

and after all this time I still wonder about Delphine pinching Cosima in her back ^^

I’m wondering…how random was the fact that in both the flashback and the dressing room scenes, cosima and delphine were somehow undressing?

How accidental is the fact that cosima undresses herself in the flashback-in what seems to be one of the most vulnerable moments in her life…she’s exposed to Delphine-body and soul.. so small and sad and desperate..so utterly real..she is sick and alone and eagerly tries to find someone to hold onto

On the other hand we have Delphine undressing after the dinner.. she’s the vulnerable one in this scene…she’s risking to lose everything by letting Cosima decide the future of their relationship..she feels small and weak and needs Cosima to believe in them..it’s not in her hands anymore

I love the connection of both scenes and the shift of dynamic between the couple..it was beautiful to see them exposed in both a lyrical and physical way..