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Our walnut 1970 Gibson SG Special has all of the right parts installed (vintage strip tuners, vintage lightning bar bridge and a repro short frame Vibrola) and is ready for sale! It’s soooo cooooool and plays like a champ, thanks to a setup by me. #guitar #vintage #gibson #sg #special #p90 #walnut #brown #1970s #rad #seattle (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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“It’s called a sting, sweetheart!”

Practice doodles between disney work and commissions.  According to the artbook, the ZPD SWAT is made up entirely of large mammals like Rhinos and Elephants, so I wondered what  it would be like if Nick and Judy joined the SWAT team, for those tight-corners and close-quarter engagements. 

Judy needs a weapon as agile and flexible as she is: the FN Herstal P90 PDR. I’ve always thought of the P90 as a very unique gun design with a immediately recognizable silouette.  With its tiny exterior barrel and enormous clip size, it’s perfect for accompanying a tiny bunny dashing between corridors and breaching through tight openings. 

Nick, on the other hand, always had Judy’s back, and needs the perfect support weapon to match:  the Milkor M32 MGL.  It’s light and maneuverable, with a collapsible stock for both steady aim and rapid engagement.  The ability to be loaded with anything from non-lethal sandbags and smoke, to something more lethal like high-explosive grenades or even airburst munitions that can bring down a rogue elephant.  The perfect weapon for the dumb fox to back up his clever bunny.