BLAIRSTOWN POSTSCRIPT: #p79 members are a motley community to be sure, but isn’t that just like a family? Beautiful, broken, powerful, blessed. I’m grateful for the beautiful experience of Blairstown 2013. To those who were not able to join us: you were missed, but we’re looking forward to sharing some stories and bringing the creative energy back. 

An intensive lab such as Blairstown lets us experiment with community building. WHS is where we put our learning into practice. Let’s make this thing better.

Last PBC shots (until our Year-End Celebration in June!) showing some of the roles Blairstown can open up. You may never have thought of yourself as a cook–until PBC let you make lunch. Or a musician–until you picked up a ukulele and owned your resemblance to Janis Joplin. And some words about the absolute best Blairstown campfire in 12 years: no cliques, everyone gathered around that hot circumference, singing, beat boxing, storytelling, laughing. Entertainment 1.0 reminds us that our pocket-sized digital fires are a poor substitute for actually being there, being present, and connecting.

The WHS community returned this fall to crisp blue and white signage indicating (almost all) important destinations in the building. This morning Hays spotted for level while Chambers corrected a key oversight.

Reasons to join the #p79 K-Pop Flashmob

1.  p79 believes that everyone can groove with art.  You may think you “can’t dance”–but how do you know?

2.  Learning anything worth knowing involves some awkwardness:  embrace that fact, and risk being uncool sometimes.  Watch the video and practice in front of a mirror.  Or maybe at the start of English class. 

3.  You’ll wish you had. 

REHEARSAL  Monday 2:45-3:15 p.m., room 166.

GO-TIME  Wednesday 12:30 p.m. (immediately following half-day session), front lawn of WHS



Good morning! #p79 returns to the Princeton-Blairstown Center for our 11th annual retreat to cultivate leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. The weather is crisp, bright, glorious. As are the students!


Motivational speaker Mike Smith was so interested in p79 following his 10-minute visit to Muir’s geometry class that I was invited to explain more about the program–something I am always proud to do! Smith spoke to student audiences last Monday about how he came to realize he was powerful enough to change the world. Find out more about his organization at www.skateforchange.org