Life Lately:

  • I went home to Pampanga last week to celebrate my birthday with my family. Treated my siblings and my BFF in a newly opened resto that offers unlimited samgyeopsal and buffalo wings. Yum!
  • Right after eating, we did a sidetrip at the old San Fernando Train Station. I will make a separate blog post about it once I have a free time.
  • March 14, my birthday, I’m already 23. Huhu! Anyway, J. Co had 3-day promo where in you would only pay P500 for 2 dozens of donuts! So I went to SM Pampanga in the afternoon and the long line screams blockbuster. I even overheard some people on the line telling they’ve been there for almost 4 hours and they’re still not a meter close to the counters.
  • With my heart broken since I can’t wait that long for the donuts, I just went to La Lola and bought churros. Yes, I dated myself on my birthday! That’s so much of being a loner. Hehe. The green matcha dip is love!
  • I am in awe seeing the beauty of Mt. Arayat and the sunset. Who doesn’t love sunset, ayt? I love taking photos of it.
  • I visited the grave of my grandparents before I head back to Baguio. It has been my tradition to visit, light a candle, and pray for their soul every time I go home.

xo, Lovely