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Wonder Festival 2016 Summer Figure Gallery
Wonder Festival 2016 Summer has begun in Japan at the Makuhari Messe convention center on July 24th, and this is a gallery of the Persona figures there.

Basically the article shows all the figures that will be shown/releasing at Wonder Festival 2016 Summer (official and garage kits). For garage kits there’s a lot of Persona ½ and SMT figures (even the Demi-fiend) so I recommend viewing the article here.

(the Persona 5 figures that will be in the Famitsu XD pack will also be on display)

One year ago today, China, Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, the United States, known as the P5+1, succeeded after several years of intensive negotiations in securing an agreement with Iran in order to restrain Iran’s nuclear program in a way that guaranteed to the world that Iran would not be pursuing a nuclear weapon
—  Secretary John Kerry on the One-Year Anniversary of the JCPOA

I think i figured out persona 5 and its relation to the 7 deadly sins. Ok so Suguru Kishimodo (the creep who tries to kidnap Anne that wears the crown and speedo and is also a teacher. Yeah him) Well his boss form is Asmodeus or one of the SEVEN princes of hell which represent the 7 DEADLY SINS. Asmodeus is also known as LUST. All of this can be found starting here (http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Suguru_Kamoshida) then finding your way though everything. But i looked into each sin and what did i find when i clicked on PRIDE and WRATH? FRIGGIN’ LUCIFER and SATAN thats who. We’re gonna get a nice dose of good ol’ (louis cypher) in P5. And with the presence of luficer we might even get a taste of Philemon and Nyarlathotep. p5 might actually be that much more instense that initially thought. On top of each enemy is going to be in episodic fashion rather than following a direct plot line (like previous persona games)

The creep crown wearing guy that turns into the crowned pink volleyball monster is one of the 7 sins (lust) and lucifer and satan are pride and wrath resepectively. We might see Philemon and Nyarlathotep and check out this link to see the relations.

You know, I don’t really mind the guys (yet again) being pervs in P5.

If I want to play a Persona game where girls are treated equally and with respect (at least with respect), I can just play P1 and P2.

Which I will do as I await P5′s release date for Europe as I hope that I won’t be forced into those pervy moments in P5.

Persona (5) timeline theory

Ok it’s related to P5 but it involves all the other games too. I posted it on this post but I’m just gonna give it-it’s own post but yeah I’ll just post it here again so other’s can see. Sorry it might be a little confusing:

Basically this is what I have been thinking (if I ever get around to making an actual picture), not including side games cause….easy to figure out where those are.

Notes: T stands for “timeline”, P3 means “male route” and P3P means “female route,” “assumed events/to be the same” means same events following the male route happened in the female route)

Scenario 1:

T1: P1->P2IS
T2: P1->P2EP-> P3->P4->P5
T2: P1->P2EP->P3P->unknown (assumed to be the same as P4/5)

Scenario 2:
T1: P1->P2IS
T2: P1->P2EP->P3->P4
T2: P1->P2EP->P3P->P5 (aka no P4, and P5 replaces P4 instead)

Scenario 3:
T1: P1->P2IS
T2: P1->P2EP
T3: (Nothing)   P3->P4->P5
T4: (Nothing)  P3P-> (assumed same events)
*In T3 and T4,  P1/P2 don’t happen (aka Dark hour Plot hole)

Scenario 4:

T1: P1->P2IS
T2: P1->P2EP
T3: (Nothing)   P3->P4
T4: (Nothing)  P3P->P5
*nothing aka same as Scenario 3

Scenario 4-6+ or so (you can do all the permutations I’m too lazy):

T1: P1->P2IS
T2: P1->P2EP
T3: P1->P2EP / or (Nothing)   P3->P4
T4: P1->P2EP / or (Nothing)  P3P->(assumed same events)
T5: P1/P3EP/or (unkown)-> P5

So yeah basically…multiple timelines. Even if you don’t believe in the FeMC, multiple timelines STILL HAPPEN IN CANON cause T1 discontinues after P2IS and restarts in T2. Anyways, P3P’s events are really similar to P3′s…obvs, since they both have “Who’s Who” but that doesn’t mean P3(P)/P4′s timeline happened in the same timeline as P1/2(EP) (the biggest hint/plot hole is the Dark Hour in P2EP). Also, despite P3P being very similar to P3…..the butterfly effect could really come into play (similar to P2IS vs P2EP), and that might mean P4 never happened in the P3P timeline and instead P5 happens in 2011 in it’s place (THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT P4 CHARACTERS DON’T EXIST IT JUST MEANS THE MURDERS DIDN’T HAPPEN). OR, P5 could be on it’s own separate timeline all together (or instead of P3(P)/P4 happening after P1/P2EP, P5 happens instead….due to demons coming into play again). The darn 20XX really messes with it. :’D

Eternity C2, P2.1

Masterlist ǂ P1 ǂ P2.1 ǂ P2.2 ǂ P3 ǂ P4 ǂ P5

Word Count: 1,198

A/N: Things are finally starting to happen woot woot, we finally have everyone in the story along with their roles. But here’s the question how long until one of them dies? jk. I know this is a short and probably awful update, but I didn’t like what I had planned so I started over. There will be a part 2 to this since well, I suck. Anyway what do you guys think is happening with oc, and who else do you think is in the pub? Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy~

Jungkook’s POV

Soon after what the pale man had said to me regarding Y/N he vanished as if he had never existed. “Jungkook,” I heard Hoseok say, I turned my head to him. “Who the Hell was that?!” I demanded suddenly furious as my mind finally processed what had happened. “What does he want with Y/N?” I stormed over to him still demanding that he answered my questions.

“His name is Kim Namjoon, or Millennia, which ever you prefer. Anyway follow me and I’ll explain.” He started walking away, curious I followed him sparing another look at where ‘Namjoon’ once stood. I followed Hoseok through hallways looking around. “What he wants with Y/N, only Jin knows that much. But, I can tell you this.” He sighed as he turned another corner.

“He doesn’t pick one person, he picks two. He’s tried to do this a couple of times but failed.” He said suddenly coming to a stop in front of double doors. “What do you mean, choose people for what? You’re giving me more questions than answers here man.” I said watching him open the doors.

“First of all, welcome to the Pub, you and Y/N are officially the only people who can stop this plague. And we’re in charge of protecting the two of you.” He finished sitting down. “Now,” he said sighing resting his cheek on a fist. “Ask away, and I will answer.”

“Okay,” I sighed, taking a seat across from him. “What are we chosen for? And why is Y/N the only one suffering?”

“Why she’s getting attacked, I don’t know but Jin most likely will once Y/N wakes up, next?”

“What does this ‘Namjoon’ figure have to do with anything?”

“Anything? Try everything,” he said turning serious. He removed his hand and leaned forward. “Where are we right now?” he pointed towards the ground before gesturing around the room.

I looked around realizing something, “It’s like a library of a lifelong work or something.” “It’s exactly that but at the same time more.” He leaned back in his chair crossing his arms. “This is all his works and research, fact is that he found a potential cure. The thing is that we’re still missing info. Somehow people found out and he was later killed before he could write anything down. He was the first and last true doctor, well other than Jin.”

As he finished a scream ripped through the air shattering what little peace had existed. The two of us immediately jumped out leaving the library. Hoseok bee lined for the main entrance taking every corner as if he was water in a stream. Before I could realize he had his spear drawn and pointed at the door.

I took out a knife as I rounded the final corner, someone was banging on the door begging for help. I watched as Hoseok slowly made his way forward, spear still raised. For someone who was usually loud he was being cautious, almost too cautious. “Who are you and what do you want?” He said to the person just beyond the gates and bars. “Please, you gotta help, I-I’m a Fallen and the Darks they’re after me. They want to use me as a cure for this stupid plague.” It was a female voice and she was crying still begging for help.

I heard Hoseok call me forward. I ran to his side putting my knife away and taking his spear as he undid all of our protection from the outside world. The girl stumbled in instantly running and hiding behind me. “Get her to Jin, I’ll deal with this.” He said holding his hand out for his spear not even looking at me. I nodded tossing it to him, he caught it effortlessly as he pulled on his mask. I grabbed the girl’s hand running towards Y/N’s hospital room.

Your POV

“Oh honey,” he said grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him. “They’ll love you when you’re dead, just like a superstar.” He finished whispering in my ear. A scream shredded the silence, I instantly knew it was a girl and that she was a Dark pretending to be a Fallen.

Somehow feeling stronger than before I broke the wooden chair that Namjoon had tied me to shortly after he left me the old vinyl. I the two broken arms and started attacking him as I felt my eyes start to burn. He dodged me effortlessly as if he had done this before.

Letting out a scream I started going at him faster wishing I had my rapier instead of old wood. As if on que my rapier appeared and I ran for it dropping the wood. I whipped the blade out missing its silver and how it fit in my hand. I don’t know how long I had been gone from reality, but here in this limbo years had passed. To be exact, two and a half.

The screams broke the air once more, this time my head started pounding. I needed to help them, I needed to be free, I needed to fight. Running at Namjoon once more I held the blade by my side before I got close enough slashing his chest before running him through. I let screams run through my body, honestly I didn’t know why I was screaming to begin with. Maybe it was all the bottled up anger and suffering.

Before I knew what happened Jungkook was shaking me awake, I jumped up grabbing the girl’s throat and pushing her towards the wall. “Jungkook, knife.” I seethed. “Y/N,” he whispered, “she’s on our side.” “No, she’s not. She’s against us, she’s a fucking Dark.” I slammed her against the wall as I choked her out.

I watched as she started grabbing at my arm begging for release, but instead I lifted her up and off the ground. “The more you beg, the tighter my hand will become. Now confess, what do you want with us?!” I yelled the last part making Jungkook jump back as a blond man entered the room. I seemed to be the only one surprised at my sudden burst of strength and will power.

“She- she’s awake.” He gasped when he realized that I was effectively killing someone despite them begging for their life. Suddenly my vision got blurry as I realized the girl had stuck a needle in my arm. My grip loosened releasing her, her feet hitting the ground the same time my body did.

I watched through hooded eyes as Jungkook ran at her throwing his shoulder into her chest. She hit the wall, and hard. I could barely move as Jungkook picked me up and set me back on the bed and the blond man left the room to do who knows what.

A couple minutes later I started fading into unconsciousness as he returned. Jungkook jumped from his seat next to me on the floor. Hoseok followed the blond man in covered in blood. “It looks like she was sedated-“ my head lolled to the side “Oh not this again” I whispered to no one.

“In the darkness, even the faintest light is blinding”