★ Persona 5 Halloween Icons 
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MC - Morgana - Ryuji - Anne - Yusuke - Makoto - Futaba - Haru - Goro  

 I was listening to Twice’s TT (x) when I felt inspired to make those Halloween themed icons it was also a good chance to practice this kind of icon specifically. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, it was pretty fun to make those~


Persona 5: Introducing Ann Takamaki

Persona 5: Ryuji Sakamoto’s Real English VA Max Mittelman

(Some slight early spoilers, like a seeing a LIIIITLE more of his summoning than we’ve seen in the trailers, but nothing major that’s your warning. Anyways, I know we’ve heard a little bit of Ryuji from the trailers, but here’s more of Max’s talent. I think he’ll make a great Ryuji~! :D)


Interview with Erika Harlacher who voices Ann Takamaki

Persona 5 English Ann Takamaki Trailer and Erika Interview - Persona Central
Following the English Persona 5 protagonist trailer last week, Atlus USA has released a new trailer and voice actor interview for Ann Takamaki.

Following the reveal of the English voice cast for Persona 5, as well as the protagonist trailer last week, Atlus USA has released a new trailer and voice actor interview for Ann Takamaki.

Ann Takamaki Trailer

Being the center of school gossip is a quick way to make anyone feel like an outcast, and Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki gets the full brunt of that. Ann is a beautiful girl plagued by unjust rumors from her peers on a daily basis. But despite the Scarlett Letter treatment, Ann cares deeply about her friends…which is why she’s so eager to pick up the mask and join the Phantom Thieves. Well, that and also to spite the rumors about her and the “excessively friendly” gym teacher at Shujin Academy. And while the Phantom Thieves won’t be done with just one lecherous gym teacher, Ann winds up being the closest thing to the group’s moral compass. Plus, she’s just a total badass that you’d want watching your back in a fight.

An Interview with Erika Harlacher


(AHHHH SHE’S PERFECT! ;W; I also like how the description mentions “Scarlet Letter Status” cause it fits so well, and it brings be back to the days of Catherine….where….ironically….we were reading that in my English class at the time of it’s release. 8U)

since atlus USA is doing the whole a-trailer-a-week thing again for persona 5, i wonder if they have something planned for when they release the last one. i mean, it’ll depend on how many character trailers they plan to do, but either way, they’re ending in december (´∀`*)