Prosecution Halted in Alleged Death Threats Against Voice Actress Nana Mizuki
32-year-old arrested on February 20 allegedly admitted to charge

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office decided on Wednesday to not move forward with the indictment of Akihiro Fukushima, a 32-year-old part-time worker and Nagahama City resident, for allegedly posting on Twitter that he would kill singer and voice actress Nana Mizuki. Fukushima was arrested on February 20 on the charge of obstructing business.

According the earlier police investigation, the suspect from Shiga Prefecture admitted to the charge by saying, “I emailed Mizuki to say, ‘I want to meet you,’ but got no response, so I did this out of spite.” The police reported that the suspect wrote to Mizuki’s Twitter account on February 2, “I’ve got no choice but to kill Nana Mizuki,” and other messages. The police are charging him with interfering with the business activities of Mizuki’s fan club management.

Mizuki’s representatives filed a complaint with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police in Akasaka on the same day they received the alleged threats. The police uncovered the suspect from the Twitter account name and other leads. After the incident, Mizuki’s agency beefed up security at events.

Another male part-time worker was arrested in 2008 for posting on the 2ch online message board that he would kill Mizuki and her fans.


(An update to the death threats on Anne’s VA, I hope she stays safe ;w; They really need to press charges.)

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