What is the Persona 4 Musical Project?

The Persona 4 Musical Project - or P4MP - is a collaborative effort to make a non-parody, musical version of the game Persona 4. 

The project has been in the works for three years now.

The show currently contain twenty four songs in varying stages of completion, ranging from having finished lyrics and piano accompaniment to having fully composed harmonies and rough background tracks.

The current song list contains (in order):

1) Everything’s Boring in Inaba 
2) No Town is Perfect
3) We got Nothin' 
4) She Never Got to Tell Him 
5) Semantics
6) Partners
7) Cheerleader Effect
8) Birdcage Syndrome
9) In the Bathhouse

((I Got Somethin’))
10) Idols Gone Wild
11) Empty Inside
((Put the Drunk to Bed))
12) King’s Game
13) Playing With the Big Boys
14) Interrogation
15) You Were Spared By My Hand
16) Push the Bastard In
17) Lines in the Sand
18) Bitches and Whores
19) Well That’s Something
20) Here at the End
21) Partner’s Reprise
22) Izanami
23) Don’t Make the Wrong Choice
24) Maybe That’s the Point

Our current hopes are that, once the final song is finished, we will put on a concert version of the show.  We will then post the video recording of the concert on here and on YouTube, so that you all can see the direction that we hope to go.

From there, we will cut down the number of songs, finalize the script, and perform this at conventions and local theaters.

If you have any interest in this project, wish to hear more or want to get involved, feel free to ask away.  I will be posting a few more rough versions of songs over the next few days.

And you’re right
But I’m afraid you’re only right in part
You’ve been locked here so long you’ve lost your heart
And what’s worse
So much worse
Is you got me
Almost made me agree
With your crazy decree
But you’re wrong
and I’ll show you
the potential in me
—  The Persona 4 Musical - Maybe That’s the Point
Backside Of The TV (Lotus Juice Remix)
平田志穂子,Lotus Juice
Backside Of The TV (Lotus Juice Remix)

(Darkness) Lost destiny (endless) far outcry (despair) they hear you (fear) no more
(Coldness) Numb feeling (blackened) whole dizziness (no sound) deep scars (feel) no pain
(Captured) No sanity (helpless) body aching (ultimate) control your own (dreadful) fate
(Powerless) Invisible (lifeless) real enemy (no breath) ruin your mind (falling) deep down~♪