On Writing, Looking for Alaska Turning 10, and Winning the Project for Awesome

In which John discusses writing, the 10th anniversary of first novel Looking for Alaska, and the charities chosen by nerdfighteria to receive grants from the 2014 Project for Awesome.

“The execution queen, hm…? Not an honorable nickname by most perspectives, but it’s not all bad. I will strike down all that stand in my way!


And Mitsuru is done! I figured it was about time I did some fan art for Mitsuru that wasn’t just a sketch.

I got to be present when @hankgreen & @johngreenwritesbooks’s #p4a surpassed ONE MILLION dollars in donations! To celebrate John let his wife Sarah put makeup on him (with much enjoyment), I dressed myself like a Christmas Tree and Hank became a toilet paper mummy and danced with lipstick on. When I was younger I thought I wanted to grow up and be in the swim with the dolphins program. **gently face palms younger me’s forehead and slowly pushes it 2 to 3 feet away**
If I had only known that this was an adult option. http://www.projectforawesome.com GO DONATE!

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