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➤ Likes don’t count

➤ Must reach 50 notes

➤ One winner & two runner-ups for each category

➤ Reblog until October 5th

➤ Winners will be announced on October 9th


➢ Nicest Blogger

➢ Best URL

➢ Best Theme

➢ Best Edits/Graphics/Gifs

➢ Best Marvel/Avengers

➢ Best Supernatural

➢ Best Game Of Thrones

➢ Best Multifandom

➢ Best Overall

➢ Cecilie’s Favorite

➢ Meg’s Favorite


➤ Follow backs (if we’re not already following)

➤ Five promos whenever they want 

➤ A graphic based on their blog/url

➤ A link to a page with all the winners on both of our blogs for a month

➤ Possibly our love and friendship (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)


➢ One promo, each

➢ A promo at the time the winners are announced

➢ Will also be included in the links on our blogs for a month