I’m officially 19 woohoo (omg I’ve just realised that next year I’ll be 20 I feel old now)! So as you can guess from this awful graphic I’ve just made in a bit of a rush, I’m doing tumblr awards to celebrate. And… that’s it have fun lovelies! ♡


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Recreating Happier Days

I noticed a striking similarity between the scene in which the P4 become prefects, to that when they finish their song at the Sphere Music Hall. 

(Chap. 83, pg. 6)

(Chap. 112, pg. 13)

The P4 are standing before an adoring crowd, the stars of the occasion, the objects of praise and adulation, basking in joy. They themselves are blissfully happy. In this way, through their performance at the Sphere Music Hall, the P4 are recreating this happy moment from their school days.

In this way, they cling desperately onto the past, before their fall from grace. They have not moved forward. They have not grown, because, still, their happiness depends on the adulation of others. It can be assumed that the day they became prefects was the happiest moment of their lives. It was the culmination of years of dedication and struggle.

Losing sight of their life’s joy would be unthinkable, and so the P4 cling to its memory desperately, hopelessly..

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i always go to watch social link videos for fic reference and then i end up yelling because it’s always the romance routes and they always go “you’re already in a relationship” and they DO THE ROMANCE ANYWAY and excuse you???? there was no polyamory consent cutscene that i saw??? you are cheating on all of these girls??? i hate this?????? I hate this!!!