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[SRTP] Ran-sensei and Edogawa-kun ② [Tonami]

Ok, this needs a little explanation. Once I fell in love with this series, and I found continuation in twitter (the one that is compiled here), I posted it. And again. And again. Thus we have like 5 parts in the translation list. But the author never uploaded it to pixiv until this day. And however big it is, it is only part two… Which, by the way, has a lot of stuff that were never loaded on twitter ^__^

So… This compilation is like a master-compilation for this wonderful AU. Enjoy!

If you want to read new stuff: P9-P21, P30-P38, P39-P44



  • [Theme: What our class will do at culture festival]

  • A: I have one!
  • A: Ayumi thinks that the play should be nice!

  • CR: A play?
  • A: Yes! I’ve got the legendary script that was staged 10 years ago by 2B class, from one onee-san I know!

  • A: It is called ‘Shuffled Romance!’
  • (This is a love romance that can outshine Romeo and Juliet!)


  • [Heart Princess was played by Ran-sensei 10 years ago, right?!]
  • R: Eh? Yeah…
  • [assistant class teacher]

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