この絵は関係ないですが、5月6日コミティア(土)【さ56a】/ 5月14日(日)関西コミティア【P40】/ 5月27・28日デザインフェスタ両日(土日)【B-338】 【Buku Buku】で参加予定です。新刊にA4(32P)の50点以上まとめたイラスト集とA5のクリアファイルがおまけになったものが出る予定です。

The “Flying Tigers" was a volunteer unit of American ex-military and civilian pilots who flew to help the Chinese Air Force from the 21st of December in 1941– to late 1942. At a time when America was only getting bad news from the battle in the Pacific these airmen were flying, fighting and beating the formerly all-conquering Japanese air forces These men were an interesting and rather irregular group of individuals that made one of the best fighting units of the war. They flew their colourful shark nosed P-40’s that became synonymous with that aircraft (and many other imitators) as well as being feared by the Japanese.