p4 knb au

pakunoda  asked:

takao taking midorima shopping because he dresses like an old man but then midorima looks so hot that he gets a ton of attention and takao laughs but is Super Jealous and midorima is really uncomfortable and just says "takao." and takao is just yeah shin-chan let's go buy u some chunky cardigans

FUNNY STORY I KNOW I SHOULDNT REALLY BE COMMENTING ON THESE BUT!!! Kait and I were talking about p4 knb au takamidos and how takao(yosuke swap) and momoi(rise swap) are both really thirsty and they take midorima shopping in okina because all he ever wears are sweatervests and cardigans and slacks like a cute little nerd but when they finally get him in fashionable clothes they’re both just like DAMN SON!!!! and mido’s kinda embarrassed because he’s not used to looking like anything but a geezer but he trusts their opinions (chinhands)