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  • me with p4 characters: ok souyo is really good... chie and yukiko are super gay too... naoto and kanji are fucking perfect..... shit i ran outta good pairs.
  • me with p5 characters: all of the phantom thieves are in a poly relationship with each other and it’s good and gay and fluffy and also the cat’s there too.

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Heyhey, friend! I love your Kakyoins so much! Could I request a part 4 Kakyoin in palette 8? Or just a normal Kak in 8, if you're not cool with breaking canon.

Here ya go! sorry this took a while, my motivation is finally back.
Thank you for the request!!! 

(*´▽`*) ~ ♡

Cosplay/ Character: Naoto Shirogane
Anime/Game: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4

Persona 5 conspiracy theory

Yusuke is 1 letter off from Yosuke, who are both MC’s friends.
Akechi is 2 letters off from Adachi, who are both detectives.
Sojiro is 3 letters off from Dojima, who are both parental figures.
Ryuji and Kanji both end in -ji, both are blonde “delinquents”. 
Haru and Chie are both 4 letters and are both girls (not stretching here at all)

My conclusion? Everyone is secretly P4 characters in disguises… ATLUS give us the true True Ending 

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What do you think of Goro?

Oh Akechi I knew someone was going to ask me about him and I cant wait to talk about him tbh Ill keep it vague for obvious reasons !

PLEASANT BOY !! When I first saw Akechi I thought he was going to be somewhat like Naoto (and turns out I was right haha) I actually find Akechi a fabulously complex character and I personally l o v e the way his dialog is written. I sorta have a weakness when characters talk in a more prestige manner? I also really love his character design and how he has symbolic polar differences with Akira! they are wonderful touches to his character and it REALLY shows in the late game how much thought went into his design + motifs! 

thanks for sending a message !!