p4 characters

me and some friends played persona 4 mafia

for those of u who dont know: its basically where u get one of the persona characters ((or just a certain group of people, doesnt have to be p4 specifically)) and a role at random which you now “play as.” the villagers need to vote on who they think the mafia is. the person who gets the most votes will end up dead unless protected, while the mafia is gonna have to kill the villagers and uh here are some screenshots i saved

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  • me with p4 characters: ok souyo is really good... chie and yukiko are super gay too... naoto and kanji are fucking perfect..... shit i ran outta good pairs.
  • me with p5 characters: all of the phantom thieves are in a poly relationship with each other and it’s good and gay and fluffy and also the cat’s there too.

I made some trans Naoto icons! Feel free to use them but make sure to give credit (through either blog description or about page is fine)

Tohru Adachi, is an ravenclaw if he went to Hogwarts.

Reason why:

  • when he was in school he was good with his studies and got good grades.
  • He look for ways around rules if they don’t suit him.
  • He very smart but come off awkward and at time dumb.
  • But, in truth it toke kids with persona’s to bring him in.
  • He love learning things he likes. ((magic tricks is seen in game))

I mean the ravenclaw traits are Intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality,  individuality, and acceptance. Do some these traits sound familiar? I would go off on limb here and say Adachi fit the Ravenclaw M.O.  Not all grey moral characters are Slytherin.

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I know Akihiko is probably your favorite character but out of curiosity what's your favorite characters from Persona 4 and Persona 5? :V


anyway from 4 it’s kanji and the dojimas! from 5 it’s really hard to say who will be my final fave bc i’m just halfway through, but so far i really love mishima, ryuji and makoto… yusuke is an undeniable fave too