Chie Plays Yakuza 0

it sucks that people are already shitting on new Gorillaz just based off this one song, which, by the way, is just the album launcher (and conveniently released for the inauguration), not their true comeback song. it’s like a Welcome To the World Of Plastic Beach kinda thing.

people think that it’s all about “oh fuck Trump!!” but Hallelujah Money isn’t just about him. it’s all about how money controls power and how money wins politics (i need to look into the lyrics more, but that’s what i got from it). i personally like it, and honestly it’s gonna take a few listens to love it, but it’s a good damn song. and most of their songs are related to political and problematic things.

also, people are failing to realize that Gorillaz have always been experimental and collaborative. people who know this band inside out have heard a great handful of songs that dont even feature 2D’s (Damon’s) voice, or barely feature him at all (like White Flag and November Has Come, among others)

enjoy the fact that they are rising from a 6 year death, and surviving the threat that there might have never been a phase 4. it’s great to have them back


So we have exciting news tonight… our demo is up and running! We’re just having a few playtesters run through what we have, and then we will be releasing it later this week, on December 18! So stay tuned and watch this space for the download!

And if you’re just hearing about our fangame for the first time, you can find more info on Persona 4: Your Affection at our introductory post!