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March 26th Atlus Stream predictions

Ok I’m calling it on these games that are most likely to happen (at least this year) and these are new games (minus Persona ports or remasters, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a few of those):

  • P3D (they’ve had like a year+ to work on it behind the scenes and have teased it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got it)
  • Catherine 2 (years ago they stated the would make it a franchise, each year it’s gets more unlikely but I’d love it to happen)
  • Deviliser (back in 2013 they trademarked this name, I’m thinking it’s SMT related imo or a new ip, heck didn’t they announce an SMT game for the 3DS? It could be this)
  • Project Re Fantasy (or at least a look into it, gameplay or story wise)
  • Maaaaaybe a P5 spinoff game (be it a crossover with P3 and/or 4 or by itself, that or they’ll be waiting till 2018 to do a few of them)
  • Maybe a P5 sequel (probably a spinoff game but yeah they might have one in the works, but I’m still aiming for that to be 2018)
  • P5 expansion DLCs
  • SMT port/remaster (to 3DS or Switch, hey I said minus Persona ports/remasters)
  • Devil Survivor/DDS/Devil Summoner or another Megaten game port/remaster or sequel
  • Another P3/4 spinoff game (one that ties up, or help ties up loose plot threads and maybe sets the stage for a P3/4/5 crossover game)
  • P5 anime announced (not game but I’m waiting Altus :/)
  • P4 Arena/Q/Ultimax anime announced (C’mon Atlus do the Labyrinth trilogy please)
  • P3 The Answer movie or anime announced (still waiting Atlus)

I really hope the domain they registered for P3D is something like Persona 3 Definitive where they remake Persona 3 with 5′s engine, but this is Persona, so we’re going to get a dancing game for Persona 3 for some reason.

Casi Figurine Process

Just recently, it was my husband, toonimated’s 30th Birthday!! He’s a super talented artist and he made this character a little while ago that I really liked. He collects a lot of detailed, multi-part figurines, so I wanted to create this sculpture with that inspiration in mind. :)

Original by my hubby:

I did the modeling in Zbrush 4R6, as per usual :)

Here’s an interactive viewer for the final model: (Click to load!)

I broke the model up into pieces and sent that away to Shapeway.com for printing! Here’s what arrived in the mail:

And here they are assembled!

Then I got some acrylics and started painting the individual pieces:

Once all the colors were painted in flat, I used chalk pastels to add highlight/shade and color:


With Chalk

And the rest with chalk:



Mounted and done :)

“Who’s That Costume!?” - The PColor DLC costumes; Both Sets!

Sooo, seeing how the second PColor set was released today, it makes only sense I’d make a post comparing these costumes to the characters they are supposed to be reminiscent of. 

Why only now? Well, tbh, the first set wasn’t all that impressive; despite being more detailed than the recolors in P4U2, it was still pretty basic and in no way directly resembling the characters the costumes were based on.

Not so with the second Set, which imitates the characters used for inspiration as closely as possible with the model bases already present in the game, giving some pretty impressive costumes for a very low price (Currently, the set is even free for a limited time!) and making this set a must-own for any fans of the first three Persona Games (P1, P2IS, P2EP). Now, without any further ado, let the comparision begin!

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The Wobble Process

Finally getting around to uploading this! This was for our good friend, amazing artist and fellow (former) coworker, Nate Simpson. Nate designed this adorable character, and with the support of all the awesome folks at work, I was able to make him into a squishy foam toy (which, I admit, was something I was dying to see since I first saw Nate’s design so.. dream fulfilled!)

Here are the steps for those who are interested:

First, he was modeled in Zbrush. This is the final model:

(Click for Interactive Turntable)

I used Shapeways for the 3D print. I had the body, the eyes, the fingernails and the toenails all printed separately. This is the body, which is hollow on the inside– the shell is about 3mm thick. (sorry for the poor quality)

First, I tried to do a latex mold, but it didn’t end up curing properly and was too soft in some parts. This is the first coat, but I did about 10, total. It took about 4 days, doing 2-3 layers each day and letting them dry in between.

Oh well. Lesson learned, I made the 2nd mold out of oomoo 30 silicone by placing the model upside down in a flower pot and pouring the silicone around it. Next, I made a cast out of Flex Foam-IT V polyurethane foam which I mixed with So-Strong polyurethane red dye. I got all this stuff from Smooth-on.com! There was a ton of stuff I ended up sticking into the silicone mold while I was making it in order to displace it enough to rise to the appropriate level on the model, so that’s the explanation for all the knives, pens etc. that you can see sticking out of the sides. The foam itself is just messy because it goes in as a liquid and then expands something like 6-8 times its volume.

I ended up doing this twice because the first cast had a few flaws where the CO2 bubbles from the foam had formed holes in certain parts of the model. That’s okay, though. I was able to make the 2nd one a more appropriate color of red, and ended up being able to use the first cast as a test subject :) (from left to right: original 3D print (with silicone stuck to the insides), first attempt foam cast, final foam cast)

And they’re squishy! (this is my test cast)

In the mean time, I was painting the nails and eyeballs. I had these made out of the same white 3D printed plastic that the body was. (I actually had the toenails being shipped separately so they weren’t here for the picture ;) ) I used blue and black nail polish and a couple coats of clear top coat for glossiness!

I painted the foam body using red and white fabric paint

Finally, I fitted the nails and eyes into the foam and secured with super glue. Tada!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Birthday Nate, thanks for being awesome and thanks to everyone who helped make this possible :)

Furry Thing 3D Print

A while ago, another talented friend and coworker of ours, Ray Ocampo, made this cute little character:

(You can check out http://www.artofraymond.com/ for more of his work!)

So I sculpted him and the same awesome folks at work all pitched in again to get it 3D printed for his birthday! :)

As per usual, here are the process pics! :D Enjoy, and thanks again to all who helped make this possible! :)

Here’s a 3D interactive viewer for the final model! (it might not work on a mobile device)

And finally, photos of the final printed sculpture :) It was made in full-color sandstone from Shapeways.com!

The sculpture, textures, 3D print export were all done with Zbrush 4R6!
(might need to snag some more quality photos eventually :S Yikes)


Miraculous - Transformation Comparison (P3D, 3D, & 2D)