p3asant--queen  asked:

Heyy I was wondering what threads, websites or books you would recommend as a must read on the craft?

Here’s the thing with many books that have to do with the craft. One, a majority of these New Age books are Wiccan and/or interchangeably use Wicca & witchcraft. Two, you have to look out for outdated information or the lack of information especially on herbs and their interactions with medicines and their ability to harm or kill. Many often leave out that drinking mugwort while pregnant or nursing is dangerous to the mother and child and put it in almost potion throughout their book. Just do your research before ingesting anything or putting it on your body.

Now onto the important part, my book recommendations:

This is not an end all be all list but it’s a good start! If you have a particular path in mind, I can help find more path specific books.