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Persona Spinoff games predictions

This is just what I think they’ll do in general/whenever, not what they’ll announce on March 26 so yeah….anyway,  here’s my prediction list for March 26th stream (if they announce any Persona stuff).

  • P5Dancing 1/Rhythm (I say this dancing very loosely, it’s more of a rhythm game that isn’t danced focus, I’m thinking more something like Rhythm Thief where it’s still a rhythm game but it’s focused on other stuff. Story either they go up against a group of thieves or just another masked group/gang, leaning more towards thieves tho. Would probably be placed very soon after P5)
  • P5Dancing 2 (more like with P4D where they actually dance, or skate, and it’s probably one of the last/later P5 spinoff games as it’s suppose to celebrate the music…again like P4D, plot can be anything)
  • P3D (this one is a lot like P4D, but they mix dancing and fight choreography together. Plot wise predictions….well just follow this link)
  • PQ2 (a crossover of P3P and P5, plot wise predictions listed here)
  • P5 Arena 1 (a P5 only fighting game, their opponents are instead a rival group of thieves or masked gang, leaning more towards gang. Takes place soon after P5)
  • P5 Arena 2 and 3 (These two will be the P4Arena and P4Ultimax equivalent, it’ll be a P3xP4xP5 game where they fight. P5A2 will be P5 vs P3/4 characters, where the P3/4 characters hearts have been changed by someone and the P5 guys have to change their heart back. P5A3 would be soon after and now P5 characters will fight P3/4 characters because of opposing views they have to resolve by the end)
  • A Persona (action) game focusing on Liz and/or Sho. (so basically an all new spin off, maybe it’s gameplay focusing around Hyrule/Dynasty Warriors.)
  • P4Arena 3 (if any of the P5 Arenas or Liz/Sho game don’t conclude P4Arena/Ultimax than this will)
  • They reboot Trinity Soul into a game (with combat similar to Devil Summoner Raidou meets Buso Renkin PS2 game (which I guess its like a tone down Dynasty Warriors) meets Nero’s gameplay in DMC4. The story will be retconned of course, but really I just want a Persona revolving around the gameplay I listed and it kind of works with P:TS.)
  • Putting the Persona mobile games on the 3DS or something (like Aigis’ cell game, the P1 side mission cell game and both P2 cell games, and the two other P3 games as well, why not easy bank imo)
  • Persona MMO (kinda had that with one or two cell games but yeah why not, can put it on consoles too not just PC)

You know what one of my favourite things about skam is? (This is really silly, i apologize in advance) but the fact that you can see that the characters repeat their outfits. Like, they have their own wardrobes instead of having the directors pick out new outfits from a limitless cosume-stock for every scene you know?? It makes it so much more realistic, and I really like it…