Soul Eater Novel: V1, C9, p224-225
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“It has been a while, Tir.”

When Tir opened his eyes he saw Leknaat standing there, accompanied by Luc. She was clad in the same white robe she had word when they met at the Magician’s Tower and a kind smile played about her lips.

Putting the meeting on hold, Tir led Leknaat to his own room. She stood by the window and, smiling again, said, “So you’ve finally begun to walk your own path, Tir.”

“Yes, but… Lady Leknaat, is this really the right path for me?”

Tir was filled with all different kinds of emotions at these words - about Rockland, Ted, the responsibility he had accepted along with Odessa’s last wish… He had certainly chosen the path he thought was right, but in all truth, choosing one path does not mean throwing away all thoughts of other paths that could have been taken. He had made a difficult and painful choice, and wasn’t without his doubts.

As if she guessed what was stirring in his heart, Leknaat said, “You have suffered much in your struggle to reach this point. But now you are surrounded by many comrades who share your goals, aren’t you? From now on, you can all pool your strengths and share the hardships that may come. You will never lose your way all alone again.”

Tir was surprised at her words. He certainly had lost a lot on his way here but that was also why he was here with the Liberation Army now.

“Yes, now you have many comrades and so their strength will help you fulfil the Star of Destiny you bear.

“Star of Destiny?”

She began explaining to him about the Stars of Destiny and how he bore the Tenkai Star of Destiny that would lead the world out of chaos into peace. The Tenkai Star had a central role to play: to make the liberation movement a success, Tir would have to gather together 108 comrades who bore stars of destiny.

“I said this before, but you exist within the great flow of this world and the Stars of Destiny are the ones who move that flow.”

He hadn’t really understood the Stars of Destiny, but he felt like something clicked when he heard those words.

The great flow of the world.

People had definitely begun to move within that flow to take down the Empire and he himself undoubtedly existed within it now as a leader, gathering them one by one beneath the Liberation Army flag.

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