okay! since I got slightly better seats more near the center, I now have 2 P2 tickets to sell. I’ll be selling them at face value so message me if anyone is interested :D The section is Loge Right, row 2 so it’s right at the front of the balcony meaning no obstructions in view. Seats are 82, 84 (the venue is separated by odd and even seats so these two seats are right next to each other) send me a pm if you’re interested!

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P1/2 Why are people acting like SC were ALL over social media these last two weeks talking to everyone but each other until banter today? Am I missing something? I remember Sam making a few MPC/work related posts-like at his agents Equality thing+a few w/ friends like at the bball game. But Cait was MIA until her award night, which Sam tweeted her first thing next morning. Besides that & posting promotional pics for events they attended & who styled them they've been pretty scarce online.

P2/2-we’ve seen a lot of Sam online this week but none of that was him posting it. It seemed like he was gallivanting w/ MM on his arm but every pic of them from wedding to Oscars came from someone else. If anything he ignored all MM on his personal SM, not Cait. He tweeted C when she was on she just wasn’t on much. W/ knowledge that he was w/ M I can see how it looks like he was ignoring Cait & strategically bantering w/ her now to fluff fans. If you think about it it’s actually the opposite.

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p1/2.Happy Monday (I hope). I glaringly d/a that SC not getting a pictured together is normal for networking away from OL/together. That's why they don't show up/walk the carpet/have all their pics together. For 2 ppl so openly close to not say boo to each other at the same party seems strategic, which makes this entire week seem off. Maybe once you could argue they didn't see each other. But 2 different parties? It's not coincidence. Look at the last big Hollywood party they were at together..

p2/2–It’s not Oscars but arguably even bigger night for Cait when she was nom for GG. They had pics on the red carpet together. Sat damn near on each others lap at the event. I know I know her+the show were nominated. But he ended up with her until 4 a.m. w/ all her friends in her hotel room. Implying he spent most of the entire night w/ her-professional after parties/personal celebrations. That doesn’t sound like 2 ppl who don’t even say hi to each other while at the same party. Something up.

yeah I really wonder what the hell is going on. You have both stars from Outlander at the same party and not ONE picture of them together??? I get the marketing separately but honestly. They were even matching and nothing. I sort of have this feeling we might get something from inside the party?? or at least I hope we do. I don’t know how that kind of thing works. I’m sure they found each other inside the party - they’re like magnets w one another, we know that. I wonder if like because they’re not big names, especially compared to the other people at that party, that nobody really cared to take pics of them? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they left together. 

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P1. I hope you know that all of you lose credibility when you blame J for everything. I want to join in and be on your side but when I hear about how horrible she is I go to her blog to check what has been said and it doesn't even seem to be anything that's worth mentioning? There's shippers out there who are far worse and who say very vulgar things about Sam and Cait's partners but no one calls them out. Why is she always singled out? I find her quite likeable, even speaking as a neutral nst.

I thought I would address both these anons in one post. Have you folks been reading my blog posts lately about Jess? When she first admitted that Sam and Cait weren’t a couple I made a post where I applauded her. I answered one anon yesterday who was criticizing her for stirring up trouble with the comment that I had not seen that when I looked at her blog. Another anon tried to bring home a similar point and I said that although Jess’ blog wasn’t perfect I was trying to focus on the huge step she had taken in admitting that Sam and Cait weren’t a couple. I have also been one of the few NSTs who has said that it doesn’t feel right to question the story about Jess’ mother and I am one of the few who has not decided that she is lying about her identity. Furthermore over the years I have defended Jess a number of times when I felt she was unfairly attacked.

I have been one of Jess’ biggest critics but when she does something right I’m one of the first to acknowledge it. Jess has come a long way and her blog is now one of the better ones among the major blogs in Shipperville. That doesn’t mean her blog is perfect. Since she is a very influential blogger, it is natural that she will still be subject to criticism. But I agree with both of you anons that she should not be the major focus of the NSTs right now. There are far worse blogs and at this point Jess is actually doing some constructive things on her blog. 

That has for the most part been the message I have been trying to convey in my posts since Jess said she had a change of heart about the ship. I’m not sure you have been reading my posts with an unbiased eye or I think that would have been apparent to you.

Series: An Unexpected Casualty

Title: Elder - Part 1
Characters: Iris/Reader, V, Jimin, Namjoon, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, BTS
Warnings: Foul language, Violence, Smut in later chapters
Genre: Multifandom AU, Dramedy, Tragedy, Romance
Word Count: 6927
Summary: Looking to avenge the death of your first love, your plans are brought to a standstill when the lines are crossed between enemy, ally, and lover. 
Author’s Note: The first part of the third installment in the Unexpected Casualty series/universe. If you caught the hints, more groups will follow soon. Enjoy!
Catch Up: |Jasmine - P1|Geranium -  P1|Jasmine - P2|Geranium - P2

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You had finally found him.

He was sitting in a coffee shop across the street from the small specialty library you were currently viewing him from. He had ordered a beverage twenty minutes ago, taking slow sips every now and then as he pretended to surf the web on his phone. You knew he was faking. You yourself had put up a facade of reading a book for the past 45 minutes and had seen him eyeing the young woman across the shop. She had also been there for approximately twenty minutes. The library as well as the coffee shop was closing soon and you both knew the woman would make her move any minute.

There was no denying it was him. His out of focus jpeg image had been carved into your retinas for a year for one purpose and you were ready to fulfill it.

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This is the rose quartz anon, and it's a difficult issue bc when u have an 'ideal' look.. one that is represented in the media (ex skinny & white) and you cosplay a character that is 'not ideal' & not usually represented.. usually the feedback is positive.. like "yea girl you look great do whatever you want!" But when someone who is not ideal cosplays a character who is ideal.. the feedback is usually negative like "that characters not fat" or "she's white and you're black" (p1)

Interesting! I think the people who make negative comments like that are gross though.