You know, I just realised what Persona 5 was missing for me. In all the previous games, there’s always been an antagonistic potential love interest who’s connected to the bad guy somehow, if unwittingly, but who ultimately comes around and helps the good guys in the end. You know, like Maki, Jun, Ryoji and Marie.



25 years + 1 day

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Ychelle and I are walking arm and arm through our front gate, home from the church. We spot Dahl speaking with a lady through our fence. Through the corner of my eye, I let my Aura vision get a look at her soul. 

Pink. Strong willed. Social. Likes to be in the know. Loving. Values justice fairness. Very generous. There’s some darkening in there too… the pink is dulled, desaturated… what can that be from?

Ah, this is my wife and daughter! Ychelle, my love, this is Georgina Preston. She lives just across from us. And this is Precious, our pride and joy.” Dahl says, and I beam. 

“Do all you Alaskians look alike, then?” Georgina said with a snort. 

“I’m sorry?” Ychelle asked.

“Well, both you and your husband look similar enough to be brother and sister! Funny that you should look so much alike as a married couple, haha! Nothing wrong with it of course, just a funny coincidence.” 

“Why… yes…” Ychelle said. 

“Ychelle, you’ve been out in the hot sun all day. Why don’t you come inside and sit down?” Dahl said, tightening his arm around his wife. “Ms. Preston, hopefully sometime we could see you on this side of our fence! See you later.”


My fave moments from that scene that I felt needed to be highlighted. :)

  • Magnus’ hand getting caught in Alec’s shirt.
  • Magnus’ running his hand up Alec’s arm.
  • Magnus chasing Alec’s lips (again); Alec pressing their foreheads together.
  • Alec closing his eyes; Magnus’ smile after the kiss, and that jaw-clench. (UNF!)
  • The way Alec nuzzles his face into Magnus’ shoulder.
  • Magnus’ thumb caressing Alec’s shoulder.