Persona 1: Be your real/true self

Persona 2: Rumors can become real, and you can always change.

Persona 3: Do not fear death, it is just a way of life

Persona 4: You have to go through a maze of lies to find the truth

Persona 5: Now that you’ve awoken to these facts….get up…and GET OUT THERE.

I just saw the first episode of ASOUE and until now It looks so so good!!!
I love the kids, I love the aesthetic and I really love Olaf! He is funny and dumb, but he is scary when he need to be.
The adults are so clueless, Lemony so sarcastic, and there are so many easter eggs to the rest of the books.
I just hope that the rest of it is so good as the first chapter!!!
(also the ending of the chapter took me completly for surprise!)

MY FLY IN LA DAY 1 HI TOUCH ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um ok so that went way too fast but luckily I documented this for future generations LOL


JInyoung: UM so basically every US fan account hi touch talked about JInyoung being last in the lineup so I WAS NOT PREPARED AT ALL TO SEE HIM FIRST. I called him Prince JInyoung twice (BECAUSE HE’S MY PEACH PRINCE DUH) and he did the eye-smile-almost-going-to-laugh cute JInyoung thing he does (you can kind of see it in the vid)

BamBam: the JInyoung being first thing still shook me so I made that weird UHHH noise BamBam does sometimes real quick LOL..I don’t think he heard it though

Yugyeom: all I said to him quickly was “BROWNY!!” and he smiled so cutely ^_^ #lovethemaknae

JB: ok so I asked my Korean friend how to ask “Wanna fight?” in Korean (because we all wanna fight JB) and I thought I was saying it to him?? But all he did was like smile and look confused ish?? so I repeated it again but then had to move along L O L #oops

Jackson: All I said was “see you tomorrow Jackson!” and he smiled kind of tiredly poor bb 

Youngjae: Ok they started hurrying me even more b/c I took my sweet time in the beginning lol so I just said “2 OUT” to him and moved right along LOL

Mark: I was like hurrying and I said “3 OUT” to Mark and you can hear him at like 0:17 say “3 OUT 4 OUT” HAHAHAHA