Can I play any Persona game in any order?

People keep asking me this as well… from what I remember (plz correct this post if I am wrong somewhere) you don’t need to play ANY previous Persona game to understand the plot and most concepts present in the one you are playing. However, these games are all related so you are missing some of the Persona lore, concepts and knowledge of the returning characters (but they are very minor, barely cameos most of the time).

You can play the Persona games in any order EXCEPT FOR:

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (the continuation of Persona 2)

Persona 3: The Answer / Episode Aegis (epilogue of P3) 

- Persona Arena and it’s continuation Ultimax (continuation of Persona ¾)

- and Persona Q (P3/P4 spin-off based on the idea that you have already played the main titles… they still kind of introduce the characters to you, but you are only going to spoil yourself a lot if you play Arene and/or Q before Persona 3 and 4).

The One After the Show

“Thanks for being the best crowd ever, Chicago!” Chloe exclaimed, bringing her hand to her mouth to blow a kiss toward the crowd. She waved as the platform slowly lowered her underneath the stage. As the lift stopped, the shouts of the crowd died down and she was greeted enthusiastically by her friends and family. Everyone close to her had traveled to see her first show of her first headlining tour. They all congratulated her and on the show and she thanked them all, trying to hug everyone individually. “Thank you all for coming,” she said, looking at the support all around her. She was very happy with the way the first show went, despite the kinks. It was late and all of her guests wanted to get back to their hotel rooms. She quickly thanked them again and promised to keep in touch. She herself was ready to unwind. She glanced around the group, looking for her bodyguard, Fletcher. The blonde had met him just a few hours earlier, and she was looking forward to getting to know him. She spotted him and scooted through the crowd toward him, grabbing his arm and huffing, “I’m definitely ready to get back to my dressing room.”

The Fall of a King WIP [1/?]

Current progress: 1570 words
Summary: [tentative] Akashi, in his naive heroic zeal, brings upon a curse that fixes a deadline to his life. There is no way to alter his fate but, despite Kuroko’s insistence that it’s hopeless, Akashi won’t just take this sitting down.
Setting: Semi mythological!AU? Arabian!AU??? Very loosely based on Zoroastrian mythology; ancient civilization; curses and contracts; King!Akashi; God!Kuroko, lots of Persian words
Alt. Title: The Tale of The Good King and The Demon’s Trap
Additional notes: Since I haven’t posted in the last few days, here’s an excerpt from my new project! Ratings and warnings will be kept secret for now. Usual purple prose I suppose. Sorry for the ending!
Currently unedited, proceed with caution.

The blessed land of Rakuzan is known for a great many things. One being its new-found prosperity. It bathes in its opulence of yearlong harvest, with its people sharing just as much wealth in the kindness of their hearts. They can only thank their king for it all. Having only recently broken free from a reign that rode on the backs of youth and banked on the sweat and blood of warriors, the sand roads now sing with praise unto their savior:

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