p0rn star

this-night-is-sparkling-89  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you have any thoughts on Harley's dolphin tattoo. Do you think it was from when she was Harleen? It just seems so out of place compared to her other tattoos. Thanks!

That’s the tattoo of hers that I hate more than any other. It’s so incredibly OOC. “Lucky you” Who is that supposed to be aimed toward? Harley isn’t a prostitute or something. Her dedication to Joker has been mentioned by Margot MULTIPLE times and we were never given any implication that she’s breaking that dedication.

The tattoo is actually based on a tattoo from a real p0rn star which I can only assume was the result of someone seeing it and thinking it would be “sexy” to add to Harley’s design.

Overall, it’s incredibly trashy, has nothing to do with anything that defines Harley Quinn, and it also makes zero sense for Harley’s character since it contradicts her dedication to J.

lesbatronic  asked:

What ever happened between Rita and Off? Also, when and why does Off use her were-form?

1. Rita left her to move to LA and became a p0rn star. they haven’t talked since then.

2. Off can turn herself into a cat at every moment (but she doesn’t do it often) - it’s just a regular cat form. sometimes she just feel that she need to run a bit, or she shift when feels ill or just not-in-a-mood and want to be alone. but while new moon all werecats are becoming stronger, a little bigger and much more wilder. then she’s just running as crazy through forests, hunting and doing werecat-stuff :) like full moon for werewolves - a new moon is “that day” for werecats c: