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I’ve been tagged by: eaglesnotravens


  • Harry Potter or Doctor Who?

but that’s like asking air or food! :(

  • OTP?

[after daisy kindly explained what it means] PEENIS FOR EVER

  • Why did you follow me?

because you’re daisyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Why are you still following me?

because you’re still daisyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Favourite Band?

the all-american rejects?

  • Favourite Movie?

definetly maybe <3

  • Who whould you invite to a dinner party?

… my friends? :L

  • Did you go/ will you go to prom?

i did :’)

  • Favourite Comedian?

-forgets all comedians ever existed-

OO. the one with the floppy hair

  • Facebook or Twitter?


  • Favourite animal?

something fluffy liiike …. kangaroo rat


  1. Favourite tv-show?
  2. if you could learn a new language (one you’re not learning/already know) which would it be, and why?
  3. if you could live in any country which would it be?
  4. favourite film?
  5. favourite genre of music?
  6. po-tah-toh or po-tay-toe?
  7. fears/phobias?
  8. unsual fact about yourself. surprise me
  9. up or down? (desperate for questions now)
  10. kindle or book?
  11. sport or academia?

i am so. so. sorry :L